A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 945

John carried her back to the room and roughly placed her on the soft large bed after.

However, he did not leave after putting her down.

Their eyes met just like that.

The surrounding air gradually became thin. At the same time, their breathing became more rapid.

John inevitably swallowed.

Many things could happen at that time, but none of them made any extra moves.

They just looked at each other that way…

Holding his neck, Cordy felt her heartbeat quicken. She felt like she almost could not take it anymore.

However, John could remain unmoved.

She gritted her teeth.

At first, she simply wanted to spend more time with him.

After all, he was still engaged with another. He had Nana…

However, she had to admit that she was impulsive now.

She eagerly wanted to have sex with him.

She did not believe it herself.

It was fine if she did not think about Nana.

When she thought of Nana, she wanted nothing but to go all out with John.

It was at this moment that she made up her mind. She pulled his neck to her and raised her head to
kiss him.

As a result, John’s heart skipped a beat, and his body seemed to shake slightly.

Their lips were against each other’s, but no one made a further move.

It was as if they were afraid that something uncontrollable would happen as long as they turned
something on.

So, they were still holding themselves back even at such a point, trying their best to suppress their

Cordy was impressed by John’s strong self-restraint.

She went to such an extent, but he could remain unmoved.

Even if he had not left, he had done something beyond an ordinary man’s instinct.

Cordy decided not to be reserved anymore.

She knew very well that her reservedness would put out the little desire that could still be aroused.

She gently parted her lips and deepened her kiss.

John grabbed the bedsheets tightly.

Even his knuckles turned pale from his force when Cordy took the initiative to such an extent.

He should have pushed her away at that time.


He should have done that long ago.

However, he could not resist her temptation.

No, he could not do that at all…


John groaned.

Cordy seemed to be resisting silently since she did not gain his response.

She bit his lips gently, but it made him lose his mind.

At last, he could not hold back anymore.

He pressed her underneath him and kissed her passionately as if he wanted to make him a part of

It was a dark night.

Waves were surging outside.

Everything would happen naturally but at the last moment…

Someone’s phone rang all of a sudden.

The two people, who were hugging each other tightly, trembled slightly.

‘It was so close.

‘Don’t go.’

Cordy hugged his body tightly and refused to let him go.

The struggle in his eyes was obvious.

He wanted to indulge in that romance with her regardless of anything. However, his reason told him he
could not disregard everything.

“John, don’t bother about that…” Cordy sounded urgent.

She did not want him to leave.

He could not go anywhere tonight.

John’s passionate gaze was full of desire.

But he stopped out of the blue.

His body had not cooled down, but he wanted to leave.

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