A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 943

“Your legs…”

“I’m fine,” Cordy replied with great certainty.

“Okay, get up and eat,” John suggested.

He also got up to walk out.

“John.” Cordy stopped him.

John turned around in a very natural manner.

Facing her gaze, he said calmly, “Well, I’ll let you call me like that if you want. After all, it’s just these
two days.”

A tinge of disappointment overcame her.

For a moment, she thought he remembered everything.

“Is there anything else?” John asked indifferently.

“My legs are hurt. Can you carry me?”

“Isn’t there a wheelchair here?”

“But I can’t get out of bed.”

“How did you get into bed?”

“Is it very difficult to carry me for a while? I’m not fat.” Cordy flared up in a rage.

She felt that it was very hard and tiring to speak to him.

Why was he so annoying after he lost his memory?

She wondered if she could get his old self back.

John was hesitant for a while. After that, he bent down and carried her from the bed.

She was fuming with anger in the previous second, but now her heart softened.

She leaned on him docilely.

It turned out that the familiar scent on his body was because he was John.

John placed Cordy on the chair in the dining room.

He even helped her adjust her position after putting her down.

Cordy slowly revealed a smile.

“Haven’t you eaten?” Cordy asked.

It was now past eight at night.


“Were you waiting for me?”

“I just woke up.” John ruined her fantasy.

“You’re lying.” Cordy did not believe him.

“Whatever.” John did not explain further as he lowered his head to eat the dinner delivered by the hotel.

He had indeed just woken up because he was suffering from insomnia too the night before.

He did not know what Cordy would do to him today…

He was filled with both eagerness and fear.

That kind of conflicted emotion made him unable to fall asleep.

So, he dozed off on the sofa in the living room after he went there and noticed that she had fallen

When he woke up, it was past seven o’clock. He thought that she might soon wake up, so he ordered
room service to get some food.

When the food was just delivered, he heard Cordy’s scream, which scared him.

When she saw him eating on his own, she also started eating angrily.

She did not know if she was eating in a fit of anger or not, but she ate a little too much.

After that, she became so full that she did not even want to move.

She stretched her body. “John, let’s go out for a walk.”

“You can walk?” John looked at her legs.

“I have a wheelchair, right?”

John was struck speechless.

John pushed her out of the hotel villa and enjoyed the sea breeze on the beautiful private beach.

They were quiet most of the time.

John would not speak first no matter what.

Cordy put away the things she wanted to say most of the time.

He had lost his memory, so it seemed futile no matter what she said.


Suddenly, Cordy sneezed.

The night breeze was slightly chilly, and she inevitably hugged herself.

In the next moment, she felt a warm coat on her body.

Cordy turned around to look at John.

“I don’t want to take care of the patient anymore,” he said gloomily. “It’s annoying.”

“Why didn’t you let go if it’s annoying?” Cordy asked.

Of course, she knew that he was referring to Nana.

“She once saved my life.”

“So, do you have to give yourself up to her just because of that?” Cordy became very angry. “John, we
can be grateful, but it’s not an excuse to control a person. Nana’s actions made her unworthy for you to
give yourself up for her!”

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