A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 942

Cordy was fuming-how could John still pay attention to other stuff?

She was dying here, but he did not care at all!

Taking a deep breath to calm down, she told Max the chauffeur, “Shake them off.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

Max was a racing driver who competed in the higher echelons, and it took him just around half an hour
to shake their tail off.

However, he had been driving too quickly, weaving in and out of narrow alleys and powersliding
through corners, and Cordy was left carsick right then.

Clutching her mouth, she mumbled, “Stop somewhere. I need to vomit.”

“Okay,” Max replied and promptly stopped the car by the road.

Cordy opened the door and started vomiting with a loud 1 blargh’.

Naturally, vomiting once was not quite enough-she kept vomiting over several consecutive times.

She had lost sleep the entire night last night, and being carsick while lethargic was twice more

“Drink some water.”

Cordy suddenly looked up to find John holding an opened bottle of mineral water in front of her, and
she ultimately took it.

She rinsed her mouth and took a moment to rest.

John asked, “Have you had breakfast?”

“Nope,” she replied in frustration, still seething.

She really wanted to bite him whenever she had to think about the attitude he was giving her!

“Go get something to eat.”

“Nope.” Cordy refused.

“You’d get carsick again.”

“Then I’d just die,” Cordy huffed, giving up on life right then.

John seemed to chuckle just then.

“What are you laughing about?” Cordy was even more furious at that.

He loved to build his happiness on the suffering of others, did he not?

“You’re an adult, but you behave like a child.”

Cordy scowled harder from being mocked.

In contrast, John relaxed a little.

Ultimately, John managed to force Cordy to get breakfast, and the soup she had really made her
stomach better.

However, that delayed Cordy’s plan.

She wanted to get into the chopper she arranged by 1 PM that would take them to the island, but they
only arrived at 3 3PM.

To make matters worse, she was very drowsy when they arrived at the island.

She had been too excited to sleep last night, and all she could think about was scenarios of her
meeting John today and all the possibilities as they spent time alone with each other…

And yet, once they arrived at the hotel she booked, she dropped on the bed and fell asleep.

She was planning to take a half-hour nap, which after all was no delay…

But when she opened her eyes again, it was already dark outside.

Cordy leapt out of bed right then, completely forgetting her fractured leg in her agitation.

“Argh!” she shrieked, the pain hurting her to the core.

The door opened right then, and John found her gritting her teeth in pain. He quickly asked, “What’s

His concern was visible-there was no hiding it just then.

“My leg. I think I hit it,” Cordy groaned in pain.

John walked up to her bed. “Is it serious? Do you want to get it checked at the hospital?”

“Nope.” Cordy suddenly sat up in bed.

John frowned. It was as if she was suddenly fine…

However, it was trivial for Cordy—she only had two days with John, and she had already wasted half a
day sleeping.

She refused to waste anytime on anything else, not even a broken leg.

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