A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 940

Having come to an agreement, Cordy did not linger and strode out of Nana’s ward.

John and Sean were standing in the corridor, with a great distance between them.

It was obvious they could not stand each other… or to be precise, Sean could not stand John.

“You done?’ Sean asked.


“What did you talk about?” Sean asked in curiosity.

“I’ll tell you later. Let’s head back for now.”

Sean refrained from asking right then and walked over to wheel Cordy away, passing by John who
watched them.

Like every other moment he was left watching Cordy left, he clenched his fists…

“Lucas,” Nana called out to him just then.

John withdrew his gaze and headed inside her ward.

She watched him and asked, “Don’t you want to know why Cordy wanted to talk to me?”

John had been getting quieter around her ever since Cordy showed up, as if he no longer cared about

“You’d tell me if you wanted to tell me. It’s pointless even if I

asked if you don’t,” John said indifferently.

One could feel how distant he was in the marrow, and any other woman would have lost their mind by

Nana, however, remained unaffected. “She told me to let her borrow you for two days. If she can’t
make you choose her after that, she’ll stay away from us forever.”

John’s fingers twitched slightly, and he asked quietly, “You said yes?”

“You’re smart. You should know what my answer was.” Nana was not being vague either. “I’m all too
willing to have the peace we’d get in return after those two days.”

John remained silent, and Nana looked at him with an utterly loving gaze. “You won’t betray me, right,
Lucas? I only agreed to it because I trust you. You wouldn’t disappoint me, right?”

“You shouldn’t have said yes.” John did not answer her question.

“No. I’m confident in myself.”

“Then you didn’t have to ask me for an answer,” John said coolly.

Nana bit her lip but thought to herself that it was just two days.

She just had to bear with it for two days.

In the car, Sean ultimately could not resist asking, “So? What

was all the mystery talk with Nana about? You know she’s not going to play along, whatever it is.”

“But she said yes,” Cordy said flatly.

“Yes to what?”

“Lending John to me for two days.”

Sean was stunned.

“I decided that you were right. I’d be a homewrecker if I kept trying to sabotage their marriage after
they’re married, and I hate being that the most, even if…”

Cordy trailed off, pursing her lips while she composed herself. “That’s why I asked for those two days.”

Still, Sean was surprised that Nana would agree to it when she stood to lose more. “How did you make
her agree to it?”

“It’s not that impossible,” Cordy said coolly, reclining against her seat. “I accepted John’s death. Why
not him cheating?

I’ll just pretend he died four years ago if the worst happens.”

Sean certainly had more to say but paused for a moment as he realized there was nothing much to talk

So, he simply told Cordy, “It’s good, I guess? You won’t have any regrets after you’ve done all you can.
You could be at ease and choose Patrick if you ultimately can’t be with John too.”

Cordy smiled-Sean was really betting on Patrick, was he not?

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