A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 938

Cordy did not argue, since she understood Sean’s concern.

Once John married Nana, Nana would have a million different ways to humiliate her no matter how she
tried to cling on to John.

That was why she must stop the wedding.

Sean found himself genuinely impressed by Cordy’s perseverance as she headed to the hospital again
the next day.

She was just so cruelly rejected yesterday and clearly moody, but once the day changed, she seemed
rejuvenated and motivated again.

He went with Cordy, and they were just arriving at John’s ward when they saw him stepping outside.

He appeared surprised when he saw Cordy, surprised that she had returned so soon.


“Don’t get so full of yourself. I’m not here for you.” Cordy cut him short, turning her face away in true
tsundere fashion.

John pursed his lips, while Sean appeared stunned as he stood beside Cordy.

So, today’s plan was playing hard to get?!

It was certainly unorthodox, but Sean was convinced that it would not work either.

“Whatever,” John said and left.

“Wait.” Cordy stopped him, and he paused.

He could not walk away when Cordy called out to him, and if he could, he would have her in his arms
and never let go.

“You’re going to see Nana, aren’t you?” she asked bluntly.

“Yes,” John replied.

“No, you can’t.”

As John stared at her, she added imposingly, “I mean, I have business with her. You wait here.”

John did a double take, while Sean’s jaw dropped beside them.

What was Cordy up to this time?!

If he was not seeing this first hand, he would have presumed an ice queen like Cordy would never do
anything possible just to win over a man.

Since it was not working on said man, she was going to tear down the rival, was she not?

“Please take me there,” Cordy told Sean just then.

He came to his senses and started to push Cordy along right in front of John.

John began, “Cordy…”

“This is a fight between women! Men can shut up!” Cordy refused to let him talk at all.

She certainly did not want to hear John defending Nana.

John pursed his lips in turn, but in reality, he did not have to worry about Cordy losing to Nana at all.

Nana had been beaming in her ward when she presumed John was arriving, and she scowled
immediately when she saw that it was Cordy instead.

She never expected Cordy to come straight to her.

She was naturally aware that Cordy came looking for John yesterday, and she had been satisfied with
John’s reaction.

So, Cordy was turning her crosshairs on Nana since she could not make John budge?!

She was really giving herself too much credit!

Still, Nana subtly smiled again. “Did you come to visit me, Cordy?”

“Of course,” Cordy replied. “How are you doing? You were very hurt.”

“The doctor said that I’m fine,” Nana replied before adding pointedly, “My wedding won’t be delayed


“I hope you’ll come early when that day comes.”

“Are you really that confident it’s going to happen?” Cordy launched a naked provocation right then.

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