A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 933

Paul, however, was not taking Cordy’s words to heart. “I’m not about to buy into your tall tales.”

“Uncle Paul,” Sean said sternly then. “You can doubt us, but just don’t impede us. Cordy and I have
decided to come clean because we’re family-we can work as one instead of pointing fingers. It’s
obvious that someone is out to hurt Grandfather, and if we don’t find them, our whole family will be in
danger. And we shouldn’t end up falling because of this.”

Seeing that Sean had put it that way, Paul knew that he could not stay stubborn, though he was still a
little miffed and snapped, “Well, what you say goes now in the family since Dad trusts you so much. But
I’m putting it out there first-don’t expect us to wipe your butt if you mess up. I’m too old for your

“Don’t worry, Uncle Paul. Just back us up, and you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Well, I’m not bothered,” Paul huffed and left with his family, while the others returned inside Cranston

Sean had ‘Jesse’ stay with them too-they naturally had to keep up appearances until the end, and it
was doubtful that they would be unable to draw them out.

Sean stood at the balcony while smoking a cigarette outside

Cordy’s room, clearly restless since there was much weighing on his mind.

Cordy was silent for a long while too, since getting into a confrontation against the Lynds was already
the worst case scenario.

After so many years, the struggle for dominion among important families only escalated.

Even so, everyone believed that the Cranstons and the Lynds shared an unbreakable bond, and so
they remained untouchable among their hierarchy.

And now, the Lynds intended to break their alliance and claim everything forthemselves?!

Sean was done smoking and returned inside his room just then. “Still thinking?”

Cordy nodded. “Fighting against one Cranston and fighting the entire Lynd family is a different thing

That was certainly the case-they could resolve a case of infighting easily.

But now that it came to light that it was the Lynds, and without Jesse presiding over them, even Sean
felt a little lacking.

“Well, on the bright side,” Cordy said, watching him, “at least the family stands together.”

Even if the crisis they faced was terrible, the thought that there was solidarity among the Cranstons
was comforting.

“Yeah,” Sean replied.

“To be honest, I’m actually surprised.” Cordy smiled.” Everyone’s hearts are one despite being in such
a big family. Uncle Paul has a sharp tongue, but at least he’s loyal and holds himself responsible for the
family. I used to think that the more a family had, the less it could stay together-even the Stuarts were
ultimately going for blood back then.”

“Grandfather holds virtue above all, and everyone in the family respects him. There’s harmony in the
family as long as he’s around,” Sean said, earnestly impressed by Jesse’s legacy.

“True,” Cordy agreed, acknowledging both Sean’s words and the family.

“So? What are we going to do now?” Sean asked, bringing the conversation back on topic.

“The Lynds are going to come for us again since they failed.” Cordy sighed feebly. “The only thing we
can do now is prepare.”

“Alright, I’ll make the arrangements.”

They certainly could not go on the attack against the Lynds, but Sean was still the best when it came to

Cordy had only been offering suggestions, but he was the one who brought everything to fruition.

Still, something occurred to her just then. “Wait…”

“What is it?” Sean turned toward her.

She was really smart, to the point he deferred to her.

Cordy’s mother was just like that, which earned him much of Jesse’s affection.

If she had stayed in the family, Jesse might have passed everything to her.

But the world and fate was just unpredictable like that.

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