A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 929

Sean no longer hesitated at that point and did as Cordy suggested, summoning every Cranston to
gather outside the ICU unit where ‘Jesse’ stayed.

Then, he announced, “Grandfather is getting discharged in half an hour. We’ve called you here today to
see him off.”

“You’re telling us now?! You could have told us earlier.” Paul was obviously upset.

“What’s the difference if we’d told you earlier or now?” Sean asked. “Do you have some special
preparations in mind?”

“What preparations can I manage?!” Paul snapped in annoyance. “You weren’t this impulsive before,
Sean-don’t you remember how you’ve always planned and considered everything before deciding?
Why do I have this feeling that you changed too much after you became chummy with Cordy?”

Cordy turned toward Paul then-the man never liked her, and it did not sit well with him that Jesse had
been spoiling her ever since she was brought back to the Cranstons.

In fact, she first suspected Paul to be the one who poisoned Jesse, but now, she had the feeling that he
was too reckless to be the culprit.

The man was just too hot-headed-once the first attempt on Jesse’s life failed, he would have already
launched a second attempt by now instead of waiting.

Naturally, Cordy was not about to completely let down her guard around him, since behavior could be

“You must be joking, Uncle Paul,” Sean replied, his expression stern and almost dark. “Cordy has
always been prudent and orderly when it comes to anything, and I have much to learn from her even
though I am older. Also, it’s Grandfather’s idea that we only announce this after everyone’s arrival-if
you have any dissatisfaction, you can pose them to Grandfather personally once we’re all back at
Cranston Hall.”

“How would I dare to be dissatisfied?” Paul scoffed with an edge of bitterness in his voice. “Since when
has the old man not been pernickety whenever I’m concerned?”

Sean did not elaborate then. “Grandfather is having one last checkup, and he’ll be discharged once
he’s given the all- clear. Everyone can wait at the VIP lounge before he gets discharged—1’11 inform
everyone once the doctors give the green light.”

With that, he escorted everyone to the VIP lounge of the private hospital before asking a steward to
bring them tea.

The tea was the key-Sean had informed Cordy that the stewards would be planting bugs on their
targets while they served tea.

Cordy took a sip of her tea to disguise her nervousness, while Sean left the VIP lounge, acting as if he
was going to Jesse’s side.

The room was quiet, with no one saying a thing as they

waited for Jesse to get discharged.

Half an hour passed, but Cordy saw none of them leave the VIP lounge.

Ten minutes later, however, Paul started to get impatient and asked, “How long is the checkup? How
much longer do we have to wait?

No one answered-everyone in the family was always prudent about their speech and behavior, after all.

“Is there no one who’s going to ask how long this would take? Surely we can’t just keep waiting here
forever?” Paul started ranting. “I don’t even know why Sean asked all of us here-l rushed here
immediately when I was told even though I had so much work to do!”

That was when Fred rose from his seat. “I’ll go. I’ll talk to my brother.”

“Make it fast.”


Cordy’s fingers flinched ever so slightly as Fred left.

After all, she suspected Fred-Jesse clearly favored Sean’s side of the family even though Sean had no
interest in taking over, and he was relatively indifferent to Paul’s side of the family.

In other words, Fred would have the best chance of taking over leadership of the family, and Jesse’s
will would definitely work in his favor.

And if their analysis before was right…

Cordy subtly texted Sean: [Fred is going out.]


Sean’s reply did not let on much, while another ten minutes passed…

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