A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 928

And since Jay could get a woody, why was she the only woman he had been with after so many years?

He certainly was not in love with her—at least not in the past, or he would not have kept rejecting her

“Would you like to know more?” Jay asked, clearly noticing her confusion.

“Nope,” Zoe refused.

While Jay pursed his lips in turn, Zoe said coolly, “Your past has nothing to do with me.”

“Yeah,” Jay replied-there was no erasing how much he had hurt her in the past, nor did he deserve her

Nonetheless, he said, “My future will be in your hands.”

Zoe was a little lost for words, genuinely feeling that Jay had changed so much she did not know him at
all now.

Was this all thanks to Yelena?

Over at the capital, Cordy and Sean were getting restless because their quarry was not making a move
at all.

Sean began to have doubts about their plans too.

“Maybe it’s not easy to make a move in the hospital? To be fair, no one can do anything with all the
cameras watching

the ICU unit.”

Cordy nodded, suddenly coming to the realization as well.” We definitely missed that.”

“What should we do now?” Sean said. “If they realize that we have a body double in the room, they
would definitely

realize our plan. It’s even less possible to draw them out at that point.”

“We can create an opportunity for them.” Cordy made up her mind right then.


“They prefer car accidents, don’t they?” Cordy asked.

Sean promptly understood, but he was also skeptical. “But how are we going to capture them in that
case? They could just send henchmen like they did before.”

“Let me think,” Cordy murmured, her brow furrowed.

They were out in the open, while the culprit lurked in the shadows—it was a disadvantage to them from
the very start.

“Let’s make a short list of suspects and monitor them,” Cordy suddenly suggested.

“How? That would alert them instead.”

“We just have to stake everything on this one,” Cordy sighed. “It’s as you said-our culprit let nothing on
even after we set bait after bait, and I’m almost willing to let them take over the family.”

“Well then, what’s your plan?” Sean asked, direct as ever.

“As you know, there are only a few who have the disposition to take over the family: Paul Cranston, his
children, and your younger brother Fred.”

While Sean stared at Cordy, she added bluntly, “I just don’t think we should leave out any possibilities. I
mean, I even considered your father, but I left him out since he genuinely shows no inclination to
struggle for power.”

“Yeah. Continue.”

“Ask every Cranston and Steven Stark to the hospital tomorrow. Tell them nothing, and wait until they
all arrive before announcing that Grandfather is getting discharged. At the same time, leak the news
that Grandfather is planning to change his will once he returns to Cranston Hall. We must force their

“And if they had to make a move, it wouldn’t be calm and controlled given the urgency of the situation.
We might even notice something in their expressions if we look closely, and since they’re definitely not
going to do it themselves, they’ll be sneaking off to make phone calls and arrange whatever they have
in mind. If we’re able to bug them before the fact, we’ll be able to find out who it is.”

Sean agreed with Cordy’s strategy. However…

“I’m concerned since they might notice our bugs. You know that they are more prudent than we

“That’s why I want it done tomorrow. They would be pressed for time and easily neglect the details-the
advantage would in turn be ours.”

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