A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 925

Zoe kept a straight face and said, “Please take a note to prepare our niece’s present, darling.”

She was not about to pay for it!

“Roger,” Jay quickly replied, while Cora continued to smile awkwardly.

Fortunately, Bob was smart with clearing the air as usual, and soon the little episode was over.

Soon, the yacht arrived at an isolated island.

As mentioned before, Journey of Love did not include any difficult challenges, but there were still some
mini games.

The mini game would test the couples’ tacit understanding, and the couple who did the best would be
rewarded with the best lunch.

Soon, it was Zoe and Jay’s turn.

To be honest, Zoe did not believe there was any understanding between them to speak of, and was
ready to have some plain soup for lunch.

The director then asked, “Everyone ready?”

“Ready,” they answered together.

“What is Jay’s favorite food?” the director asked.

Both Zoe and Jay whipped out the same flashcard that read potatoes.

“What is Jay’s favorite color?”

Once again, they had the same answer—it was green.

“What is Jay’s height?”

Zoe did not even need to think on this one-it was six feet.

Naturally, she saw that Jay’s answer was the same.

“What is the color of Jay’s underwear?”

Zoe frowned-did understanding have anything to do with this?

Still, she played along in the spirit of entertainment and whipped out the white card.

Jay, however, flashed the green card.

“No, that’s impossible,” Zoe blurted. “I got you your underwear. It’s definitely white.”

“Really?” Jay exclaimed in surprise. “Did I actually get it wrong?!”

“Check it if you don’t believe me,” Zoe said, and started reaching for his pants.

“Hold on, Zoe. There are people watching…” Jay reminded her.

Zoe came to her senses then, while the production crew hid their chuckles.

Though she felt a little awkward, she told the director, “Why

don’t you check it.”

The director cleared his throat. ‘For the sake of fairness, I’m afraid I must apologize for this, Jay.”

With that, he stood, keeping his back to the cameras while he peeked under Jay’s pants before
nodding with assurance.

“Yes, it’s white,” he said, and he could not resist teasing,” You didn’t expect Zoe to know you better
than yourself, did you, Jay?”

The production crew were grinning broadly at that, just like Jay. “I’m actually shocked, but it’s an

Under the bright sun, it seemed to paint him with a layer of mystery.

“Well, it’s your turn now, Jay. Do you feel the pressure? Zoe got everything right, y’know,” the director

“Of course,” Jay replied. “Hell, I already see myself grounded when we get home.”

Everyone laughed from his joke, and Zoe was actually surprised that he was capable of humor.

“First question… What condiment does Zoe dislike?” The director asked.

Jay was left staring hesitant at the flashcards just then.

Zoe naturally did not expect him to know-she never held out much hope and told herself not to be

However, that was when she saw him pick up the flashcard that read mountain pepper.

It was the same one she was holding.

“Why the hesitation, Jay? A wild guess, perhaps?” the director asked for dramatic effect.

“I’m just hesitating between mountain pepper and parsley,” Jay explained. “Zoe hates both, but
relatively speaking, she hates mountain pepper more.”

“Is that so?” the director asked Zoe right then.

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