A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 924

Zoe suddenly remembered that she had to do her makeup, and she quickly said, “I need to get my
makeup then, and we’re already running late. Let me go…”

“Zoe,” Jay said, tightening his arms around her and showing no inclination to release her.

“Jay,” she growled in annoyance.

Forget being groggy just now-he was now clearly wide awake, but he was still not letting her go?!

Suddenly, Jay leaned close to Zoe’s eyes and whispered,” Actually, I think I…”

His voice was very soft, and it was definitely just the two of them who could hear it.

Zoe’s face blushed right then, suddenly feeling awkward.

“I didn’t expect this to happen,” Jay finished apologetically.

Zoe had no idea what she should say just then.

She could not tell him that it was weird, since it was arguably his body functioning as intended and not
his fault.

And yet, she could not tell him that it was natural either-he was a grown man, not some pubescent kid!

“Just let me go for now,” she said while keeping herself calm.

She was an adult, and she more or less had her experience on certain matters.

Jay eventually released her, feeling a little hollow without her in his arms.

Zoe got out of bed, then got him a pair of boxers and a bathrobe. “Would this do?”


“Then I’m heading out.”


Zoe left—still blushing when she did.

That should not have happened at all, given Jay’s age!

The six couples taking part in Journey of Love gathered at the appointed time and took a yacht out to

All the guests made small talk after they boarded the ship, with Cora greeting Zoe. “Did you sleep well
last night?”

On one hand, the cameras were rolling constantly, so Cora had to keep up appearances so that she
would not get flamed.

Moreover, she did not want to appear hostile toward Zoe in front of Bob.

However, before Zoe could speak, Jay said, “Watch your manners-don’t address her by her first name.
That’s Aunt

Zoe to you.”

Zoe turned to stare at Jay, unable to hide her surprise.

Did he actually care about such honorifics?

And he had to know how much Cora hated her too!

In fact, Cora was already plenty professional when she came to greet her, but Jay was telling her to call
her ‘Aunt Zoe’?!”

Cora was naturally livid, but she remained composed as she replied, “It’d feel too distant if I called Zoe
that. And she doesn’t mind me calling her Zoe anyway.”

“No, she doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean you get to be impolite. She’s your aunt no matter how close
you are.” Jay was insistent.

Cora bit her lip, certainly indignant just then.

She could not accept Zoe and Jay getting together, let alone her mother.

And she would be acknowledging their relationship if she addressed Zoe as her aunt!

Her mother would be furious at her if she found out!

However, Cora was afraid of arguing against Jay in front of the cameras, while Zoe clearly had no
intention of helping her.

As such, she had no choice but to give in and say, “Aunt Zoe. If

Zoe certainly felt cathartic.

She actually had no intentions of getting back at Cora since they were both victims of a disagreement
between their parents. No matter how much loathing she felt, she would never take it out on Cora.

However, she could not really hide her delight to see Cora suffer such indignation.

“There, Aunt Zoe. She deserves a welcoming gift, you know? ” Bob said, mediating with perfect timing
and clearly reminding Zoe not to overdo it.

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