A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 920

Two days later, the production crew arrived for the prelude interview at Jay’s apartment.

Zoe had Clara leave the house with Yelena, since she was not eager to let her daughter make a public
appearance just yet.

The production crew was also ethical enough to censor Yelena’s face during the occasional glimpse of
her in the camera.

The host asked, “Who usually cooks at home?”

“Neither,” Zoe replied. “Jay is busier, and I can’t cook. Moreover, we don’t stay home that much, let
alone cook.”

The host could not help grinning, surprised that her response was so candid -the other couples tended
to keep up appearances, making themselves appear more affectionate for the sake of appearances.

He then asked, “Who’s usually taking care of the child?”

“Jay does when he’s at home. I do it when he’s not around,” Zoe replied.

Once again, it was no lie-ever since Yelena and Zoe moved in, Yelena actually spent more time with
Jay than even Clara.

“What do you think of your better half?” the host added. “Ladies first, so Zoe, if you please.”

Zoe shot Jay a look.

Could she say that he was selfish, cold-blooded, and callous?

Certainly not.

She flashed an attractive smile just then. “He’s kind and caring, and although he’s not good with words,
he would tend to my every need.”

“Jay is that incredible, isn’t he?” The host could not help teasing.

“Yeah, he’s been very good to me.” Zoe nodded.

She had certainly planned this ahead of the recording, and she had her personal motive for hyping Jay
up before getting him canceled.

The more praise she heaped on Jay, the more he would have to do in the variety show, or he would be
flamed by the netizens.

At the very least, Jay would not be dragging his feet with her.

“What about you, Jay? What is Zoe like, in your mind?”

Jay thought about it and replied, “She’s beautiful and a bit boisterous but ultimately kind. Someone who
always sacrifices herself for others.”

“If you argue, who will apologize first-you or Zoe?”


Zoe was smiling beside them, unfazed at all.

“Why are you smiling, Zoe?” the host quickly asked, quick to seize content.

“Just a smile of bliss.” Zoe’s reaction was split-second.

“Come on, don’t brag,” the host joked, before adding, “So, do either of you have anything to look
forward to on this trip?”

“As long as it’s not exhausting,” Zoe said. “Jay has a lame leg, so we hope that it’s a comfortable trip.'”

“Don’t worry, Zoe. The show will offer special treatment,” the host assured her.

“Thank you.”

After that simple interview, the cameraman started to film their room-they would have been exposed if
they were not prepared beforehand.

Although the interview was over, the production crew and cameras were kept around the house, and
they would keep filming them until they went on the trip tomorrow.

However, they also had to pack today.

They would have packed their own belongings if there were no cameras, but now that there were, they
had to do it together and even discuss it.

Zoe was an actress and acting was too easy for her, though Jay somehow could match her despite not
being one, and they were soon done packing.

They were going to leave as the next day arrived, and although they told Yelena that they would be
gone for a week, the child was still reluctant to see them go.

Jay patiently coaxed her for a long while until she nodded despite sniffling.

But before they left, she said, “Daddy, Mommy, please bring me a baby brother when you come back.”

Zoe closed her eyes, speechless.

It went without saying that the production crew would put that in.

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