A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 919

Zoe did not refuse-what could she do since she had already agreed to it?!

“Then I’m getting in bed,” Zoe said, adding before she did, “I’ve taken a bath, and my clothes are fresh.’

Jay was taken aback, but soon realized that Zoe was aware of his hygienic tendencies and was
worried he would hate it.

But he would never hate her, whenever or wherever.

He did not have the courage to say it, however.

Soon, Zoe lay down on the very edge of the bed and slept there, reluctant to have any body contact
with Jay.

Jay did not move closer either, and the space between them could fit three Yelenas.

Silence ensued, and even though it was soon very late, neither fell asleep.

The last time they shared a bed was that one time.

Jay gulped-he decided that he must not dwell on it and gently turned around to look at Zoe.

They had been keeping their backs to one another, but he stared at her back quietly anyway.

The silhouette of her form was especially clear under the soft lights kept on in the room.

She was slimmer than before she gave birth-probably so that she would look better on screen.

They had been staying together and eating together occasionally, so he would know that she was
eating very small portions, and she never went that far even though she followed a diet regime before.

He yearned so much to gather her in his arms but ultimately restrained himself to wait in silence.

On the other hand, Zoe seemed to feel Jay staring at her, but it also felt like she was imagining it.

However, she was aware that he had just turned around on bed and was facing her directly.

She did not want to face him in fear of the awkwardness, and so, she kept her back to him while
staying motionless.

It just felt uncomfortable-it was not just her posture, but even her bra felt like it was smothering her.

She used to sleep alone and naturally would not wear something so intolerable to sleep. But now that
she was sleeping with Jay, not wearing one felt a little undignified.

She shifted her body in her discomfort and scratched her bed without realizing it.

Jay saw at that moment that Zoe had her bra on, and he knew that she would not wear one to sleep
even when they still stayed at Levine Manor.

She was often up to certain petty antics, such as sneaking into his room without her bra on.

Whenever he told her to wear one, she said it was punishment if any woman wore it to sleep.

“You can take it off,” he blurted in the silence.

Zoe froze, while Jay soon realized he may have phrased it wrongly. He quickly explained, “I’m not
telling you to take off everything. What I meant was that bras aren’t comfortable. You can sleep without
putting them on.”

Zoe pursed her lips-that certainly gave her a shock.

And here, she was thinking that he…

Well, guess she was overthinking it again.

“I won’t look. I’ll keep my back to you,” Jay added, and Zoe could sense him turning around too.

Zoe was actually hesitant but decided to take her bra off after due consideration-she definitely would
not sleep well otherwise.

And that night, Jay never turned around.

Zoe smiled-she did not have to be wary of Jay anyway.

It was completely unnecessary.

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