A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 917

Jay nodded, seemingly unconcerned. “Sure.”

Zoe in turn feigned nonchalance, since she was not the one losing out in their ‘marriage’ anyway.

“Have you read the program schedule?” Jay suddenly reminded her.

“What schedule. This one?” Zoe glanced at the document in front of her- she was too preoccupied with
the contract to check the specifics of the schedule.

“Take a look,” Jay said.

Zoe picked it up and read it seriously, but the program scheduling was still reasonable. Unlike other
reality shows, there were no tasks or missions involved, and no survival skills needed-it was nothing
more than a trip for couples, a relatively conscientious variety show in that sense.

As such, Zoe was not at all affected when she was done reading.

“That’s it?” Jay asked her.

“What’s the issue?” Zoe asked, perplexed.

Jay said begrudgingly, “Filming starts the day after tomorrow. They’ll be bringing cameras when they
come to interview us.”

“So?” Zoe was still mystified-they could come all they wanted. Was there anything unpresentable when
his apartment is this grand?!

“We sleep separately.”

Zoe was speechless as she came to her senses, and she quickly exclaimed in the next instant, “What,
are they going to film us sleeping?”

“They won’t, but they’ll film our Iifestyle —I’m not worried that they would notice anything, but netizens
are sharper these days than we give them credit for. Moreover, our wedding was announced out of the
blue, so they would pay more attention to the details, and they could well notice something.”

Zoe frowned, her expression turning somber.

After a while, she asked, “So, you’re saying?”

“I respect anything you decide, of course,” Jay replied with composure.

Zoe cursed him for being hypocritical in her head.

He must have mentioned the schedule on purpose, obviously to mention that they should sleep
together, and he was now saying he respected her decision?!

So he was going to be both the villain and angel now, was he?!

As such, she steeled herself and said, “If you don’t mind, we can share the same room for the time

“I don’t mind,” Jay quickly replied.

“Then I am going to move my things in later and get familiar with your room so that I won’t let anything
slip,” Zoe suggested.

“Sure. I’ll help.”

“No, I can do it myself.” Zoe refused. “Just keep Yelena company if you’re idle. She likes you a lot.”

Zoe was planning to take Yelena with her in the divorce anyway, and she was convinced Jay would not
fight for custody.

That was why she could afford to let him spend more time with Yelena while they were together.

“Okay.” Jay nodded.

He was perfectly aware that Zoe was swift and decisive-once she decided on something, she would get
to work right away.

With that, she began packing her things and moved everything inside Jay’s room, while Jay played with
some toy blocks with Yelena on the floor.

Clara was cooking in the kitchen, and she was smiling happily when she saw what Zoe did.

Yelena noticed it too and asked in curiosity, “Mommy, why are you moving your things into Daddy’s

“Mommy will be staying with Daddy for a while,” Zoe replied while panting.

“But if you sleep with Daddy, then what about me?” Yelena’s little face turned grumpy right then.

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