A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 916

Ruby naturally brought the contract, though Jay did not even read a single page before pushing it to
Zoe. “Your call.”

Zoe was left gritting her teeth-it was such a cheap move on his part!

To anyone else, this would look as if he respected her, even spoiled her.

But he was obviously trying to paint her as the villain!

Still, Zoe restrained herself and opened the contract, reading every clause carefully… until her eyes
sparkled when she reached the part of monetary rewards.

It really was eight figures… she was going to be rich overnight even if she had to split it with Jay!

And she was unaffiliated, so she did not have to pay anyone aside from the tax people, and she would
still keep a lot.

She would be able to afford a house immediately!

And with her interested, there was just no way she would say no.

“What do you think, Ms. York?’ Ruby asked politely. “We can amend any clauses you find
inappropriate. My lawyer is waiting downstairs.”

Ruby was certainly sincere about this, and Zoe would be tactless if she said no at this point.

And she was never going to reject it when they paid her so much!

“I think it’s fine. Why don’t you take a look, Jay?” Zay said, holding the contract out at him.

“Don’t need to. I trust you.” Jay smiled.

Zoe did a double take.

Did he really? Did he not care that he was going to act lovey-dovey with her on screen?!

Maybe he needed the money too?

Probably not-every film project he directed in recent years were box office hits, and he was also an

Who knew how much money he hoarded in that time, so why would he care about spare change like

“In that case, you may sign the contract,” Ruby said eagerly.

Zoe was still a little hesitant when Jay signed it right then.

As such, she had to grit her teeth and sign it too-they were not getting a divorce so soon anyway, and it
would be a death sentence if she filed for one right now.

Since that was not an option, why not make a fortune instead?

However, Ruby heaved a clear sigh of relief after Zoe signed it, and she said, “We will start shooting
the day after tomorrow.”

“So soon?!” Zoe exclaimed in surprise.

Did they not need at least months to prepare?!

“Well, you and Mr. Parker are the last guests to confirm, while the others have done it months ago.
Every other arrangement is also in place, so with this contact, we can start shooting.”

“Oh.” Zoe nodded, but she really was not prepared mentally to get lovey- dovey with Jay in front of the
whole nation.

“Don’t worry, Ms. York,” Ruby said then. “Our program format is relaxed and unscripted-we’ll just be
filming your daily lives, so no pressure or nerves.

The audience would love to see what you’re like as a couple in private.”

Zoe was laughing inwardly since that might not be the case.

“Well, I shan’t impose. Everything from the filming schedules to the itinerary is in this document, so
please take a look when you’re free. You may inform the production team if you find anything
unreasonable, or if you have any special requests. Please don’t feel shy,” Ruby added warmly.

“Okay, thank you,” Zoe said politely.

“It’s what we should do, and I’m sure we’d be thanking you when the time comes. I’m sure that your
participation would bring our program to new heights.”

“Well, I’ll take your word for it.” Zoe did not get too cagey either, since being overly humble was no
different from arrogance.

Still, after Ruby left, Zoe could not help telling Jay, “I must put it out there since you’re willing to take
part-you’d better prepare yourself, as we’re definitely going to get intimate.”

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