A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 915

Zoe turned toward Jay, completely surprised that he would agree to taking part in Journey of Love.

While he had the excuse of picking actors for his films in Actors on Set, it was simply confusing why he
would take part in Journey of Love at all.

Maybe he was planning to throw her to the wolves, like she planned to do to him?

Zoe certainly would not upset a producer like Ruby, however, since she wanted to be friends with
everyone. She had therefore wanted to paint Jay as the villain in this respect, especially since she
planned to develop her career on her own following their inevitable divorce anyway.

But it had to be Jay who made the first move-there was just no beating his cunning!

“Since that’s alright with you, Ms. Jones, I’ll visit tomorrow to discuss your contract,” Ruby said eagerly.
“Well, it’s very late, so I won’t disturb you anymore. See you, bye.”

Ruby hung up before Zoe had a chance to refuse.

Zoe put away her phone and turned toward Jay, who sensed her stare and turned toward her.

“Ruby Jones called you earlier?” she asked.

“She did,” Jay replied.

“Why didn’t you reject her?” Zoe snapped, a little angry just then. “You hate variety shows, don’t you?”

“I thought you’d want to take part.”

“Why would I?! Like I hadn’t dug myself a deep enough grave?! I would have accepted any other
offers!” Zoe huffed in annoyance.

“I just thought you’d like to have more time on screen,” Jay explained.

Zoe naturally doubted that, convinced that he had every attention to get her flamed.

“Also, it would pay well,” Jay added.

“How much?” Zoe asked, suddenly excitedly.

Jay simply flashed a faint smile, while Zoe was left with feeling that he was just messing with her,
knowing that she really wanted the money. “Well, if you don’t want to tell me, forget it-’

“This much.” Jay put up his fingers.

“Eight figures?!” Zoe exclaimed in shock-she certainly was not worth that much at the moment!

“As a couple,” Jay added.

Zoe bit her lip right then-she knew she was not worth that much, but Jay was.

Even if he was a film director, everything from his good looks and talent made him stand above the
crowd, so he sold well in showbiz.

“So that means the pay would be 50-50,” Jay continued, as if in a monologue.


Zoe’s eyes were sparkling. That was still a lot!

It was certainly a killer deal, and Zoe was raring to go!

However, considering that she had to be lovey-dovey with Jay and play up their disguise as a model
couple, she was left worrying about the inevitable backlash of their divorce.

Zoe was left in a dilemma.

On one hand, the money was really too tempting, and she would not deny her obsession with monetary
rewards these days.

But if she did accept the deal, she would find herself… fake.

It was so hard to decide, and she was so preoccupied she never noticed the man beside her smiling

The next day, Ruby arrived at their home as agreed while Zoe was still hungover!

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