A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 912

Candice also felt lucky that she had never upset Zoe throughout the course of Actors on Set.

It was true what they say, about not belittling anyone else in showbiz since they might be some bigwig
in disguise.

Arthur Rubio-the director-was not that lucky .

It was awkward even as he remembered how he tried to get Zoe on the casting couch.

He would have liked to apologize properly to Jay on this occasion, but the man did not want to show

And thus, that little incident would always remain stuck in his mind, which was very much a punishment
of its own.

The atmosphere at the after-party was certainly lively, as everyone was drinking eagerly.

After all, it was a rare occasion for every participant to gather no matter their final ranks.

And as they drank buckets after buckets, even Zoe was starting to be overwhelmed despite being such
a good drinker.

Still, there were many who came to toast her, and she never refused anyone.

Who was she kidding-these were all precious contacts and connections for her, whom she would bank
on to develop her showbiz career once she divorced Jay.

She absolutely could not afford to provoke anyone, but she kept drinking until she felt something in her

She excused herself to the washroom for a breather, though she found Cora when she stepped inside.

They held each other gazes for a moment, and Cora spoke first with an edge of irony. ’I’m surprised
you really hooked up with Uncle Jay. I never would’ve dreamt that you two were actually involved.”

“That’s between me and Jay. What does that have to do with you?”

“He’s my uncle.”

Zoe snorted. “He’s adopted.”

“How would you know that he’s not blood related to us?’

“You’ve returned to the Levine family for years, and you still have no idea who Jay is?”

Cora stopped herself from saying what was on her mind right then.

No. She refused to tell Zoe that Jay was Alan Levine’s biological son.

What if Zoe used that to demand a cut of the Levine family fortune?!

Jay was certainly detached and had no need for money, but Zoe was more banal. After getting used to
living like a princess with the Levines, she would definitely want more from them.

“You’re so despicable.” Cora could not help blurting her indignation just then. “Just because you’re not
family, you think you can seduce my uncle and get a cut from the family wealth, don’t you?!”

Zoe simply returned Cora’s gaze with apathy while staying nonchalant—she knew all too well how
hostile Nancy and Cora were toward her.

“If you say so.” Zoe shrugged-Cora would never believe anything she said, and upsetting Cora might
actually feel cathartic.

“How could you do this?!” Cora became flushed right then. “Do you think that’s fair to Uncle Jay?!
You’re playing with his feelings for money!”

“What are you talking about? Isn’t this a normal tit-for-tat relationship? He wants my body, and I want
his money. That’s perfectly fair.”

Cora was actually stunned that Zoe was being that blunt. “You’re heinous!”

“That’s still between me and Jay, so I’d advise you and your mother not to meddle. I’m sure you also
know how much help Jay gave to boost your showbiz career, so I wonder… would he side with me or
with you if you tried to mess with me?!”

“Are you threatening me?!” Cora’s voice turned shrill right then.

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