A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 911

Over at North City, Zoe won the last round, winning first place with an overwhelming majority of votes.

It was deserved, as her acting skills were acknowledged by everyone from the judges to the audience.

The producers even organized an after-party following the conclusion, since Actors on Set had been
topping viewership once it gained traction, and the numbers only shot through the roof after Zoe’s
secret marriage with Jay was exposed. No variety show hit such viewership rate and search hits in the
last three years, and the producers were certainly making bank.

As Zoe headed to the backstage to take off her makeup, a staff member eagerly approached her. “Zoe,
is Mr. Parker going to attend the after-party?”

Zoe did a double take. “Why?”

“He was a judge before.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t know-l didn’t ask if he received an invite.”

“Well, the producers did ask him, but he said he won’t be coming since he has to take care of your
daughter.” The staff member went straight to the point right then. “They were hoping you’d ask him, so
as to thank him for his presence as a guest in the previous episodes.”

Zoe refused regardless. “He must have his reasons for saying no. I can’t exactly push him.”

Moreover, she had no guarantees that she could get Jay to come, and she would be embarrassed if
she could not.

“I see…” The staff member appeared disappointed but had no choice but to give up.

“Next time, maybe,” Zoe said simply and cleaned her makeup before heading to her MPV with her

Naturally, Jay arranged the vehicle for her.

She refused, but Jay said that she should keep up appearances since they were married, or the media
would write about it.

She had no choice but to agree, and she intended to pay for it once she had enough money.

When the MPV arrived at the luxury clubhouse, Zoe entered to find most of the actors and staff
members had already arrived.

“Zoe.” Dan Kendrick, the head producer eagerly greeted her while dramatically checking behind her
and teased, “You’re alone?”

“Jay’s staying home to take care of the kid,” Zoe replied.

It was showbiz-it paid to be great at socializing, and she was simply using the convenient excuse Jay
came up with.

“Oh, you’re such a slave driver,” Dan joked. “He said no even though I called him personally.”

“I’ll have him buy you dinner personally next time.”

“You’re joining, right?”

“Of course.” Zoe smiled.

“Over here. Quick, sit,” he beckoned.

Showbiz was certainly materialistic—she was thrown into a quiet corner when she was a nobody, but
now she was at the main seat now that her fortune had changed.

It was only after she sat that she noticed that Cora was there as well.

Their eyes met, but neither greeted the other.

“Zoe.” Candice greeted her then, since the top three winners were sharing the table and Candice took
third place.

“Such a shame Mr. Parker couldn’t make it,” Candice added earnestly. “I would have liked to thank him-
my acting wouldn’t have improved so much without him.”

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