A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 908

John touched his ridiculously swollen lip-Patrick was really trying to kill him just now.

He blinked and turned to glance at his ward, but not at the hidden camera.

He only noticed it just now, and understood that Nana was now watching everything he did.

John couldn’t help clenching his fist to restrain himself.

In the next room, Nana was calmly watching the feed from the hidden camera through her phone.

She saw John being cold towards Cordy, and how he didn’t help Cordy even though she was on the

It certainly felt cathartic-she knew no one could ever take anything she wanted from her.

Cordy never amounted to anything, after all!

Tapping out of the app on her phone, Nana then sent a text: [Don’t make a move on Cordy yet. Wait for
my orders.]

[Yes, Miss Lynd.]

Nana sneered-she had no reason to take any risks now that John recognized the reality..

In fact, she would actually enjoy Cordy being forced to watch her and John being happy while suffering
from her unrequited love, i

The world had been unfair to her since she was a child, which was why she loathed everything and
despised seeing people doing well.

As Cordy and the others returned to her ward, they called in a doctor to tend to Patrick, since his face
was distinctly swollen.

“Ow!” he yelped loudly, a clear contrast from the man who fought so violently without a regard for his
own life.

“I’m doing my best to make it hurt less, Mr. Stuart,” the doctor said, afraid to touch Patrick again since
he kept yelping each time he touched his face.

“Why does it hurt so much if you were? Whatever, forget it. I’ll do it myself,” Patrick snapped, as if the
pain was really unbearable.

“You need to disinfect and apply anti-inflammatories on the cuts on your face, Mr. Stuart,” the doctor
explained. “You wont recover for a while if you don’t, and you might even get infected…”

“I’ll do it,” Sean suddenly said. 1

The doctor did a double take just then, but Sean simply asked, “I just have to apply these on the cuts


Sean picked up the cotton bud and brushed it at Patrick’s face.

“What are you doing?” Patrick was startled—Sean had even less control of his strength.

“Say another word, and I’ll shove it harder,” Sean threatened.

“Look, just wait-argh!” Patrick shrieked as Sean shoved the cotton bud squarely on one of the cuts on
his face, and shot the latter a vicious glare.” What are you doing?!”

“I told you. Be a good boy, or I won’t hold back.”

“Look, just wait…”

Sean refused to listen to him, and continued to apply medicine to Patrick’s face, though he was much
gentler this time.

It still hurt, but Patrick didn’t make a ruckus after he learned his lesson.

Cordy stayed beside them, watching and wondering if she was imagining it; Sean seemed much nicer
to Patrick now.

There was actual concern in his eyes despite his usual sharp banter.

Still, Cordy quickly turned away.

She wasn’t about to let her fantasies lead her astray-Sean was definitely straight as an arrow.

He must be taking care of Patrick for her sake, no?

After all, Patrick was clearly a better option in contrast to how John was behaving these days.

And Sean did say that he wanted Patrick and her to get together.

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