A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 906

The reason Cordy deliberately tripped herself in John’s ward was because she was convinced John
wouldn’t ignore her.

Even John had to give it to her that she was getting despicable, playing dirty tricks on her way to
winning in a relationship.

As such, when he was going to help her up by instinct, he abruptly withdrew his hand.

Cordy simply lay pathetically on the floor, until she looked up to find the cold expression on his face.

“I’ll get a care worker if you can’t get yourself up,” John said coolly.

“Can’t you help me?” Cordy asked, withholding her pain.

“Social distancing.”

“You’re saving yourself for Nana?” Cordy scoffed.

“I cheated in my mind before. Not doing that ever again.”

“Haha!” Cordy laughed with great irony and misery.

The love of her life was distancing herself for the sake of another woman.

She gritted her teeth and pushed herself up-no pretenses this time.

However, she still looked a complete mess. Both her hands didn’t have the strength to push herself up,
and since her legs were fractured in the accident, she couldn’t put too much strength into them.

John continued to watch coldly.

The stalemate lasted for a while between them, until John obviously noticed that Cordy couldn’t return
to her wheelchair on her own. “I’ll get a care worker.”

“No!” Cordy bellowed at him right then.

As John turned to look at her flushed cheeks, she added determinedly, “I don’t need anyone!”

“If you say so,” John said, completely unaffected as he strode past Cordy coldly.

He had no interest in helping Cordy at all, who stared at him as he left without a care.

How could he go this far?

How could he not care about her at all?!

In fact, she thought that this John was completely different from the John in the past; he was able to
free himself from the shackles of sentiment so easily!

Nonetheless, John had just reached the door when Patrick appeared and launched a punch at him
right in the face.


Cordy had no idea when Patrick arrived, but that punch certainly hurt.

John was sent stumbling backwards, and would be floored if he didn’t hit a wall first.

“I’ve always respected you, but not today!” Patrick bellowed. “You’re a man, no matter what
circumstances plague you! Doesn’t your conscience hurt from hurting a woman, and one who loves
you so much at that?!”

Patrick seemed to get more furious after he ran, and punched at John’s face again.

John tried to evade a little, but failed.

However, he started to fight back at the next instant, catching Patrick off guard and punching the latter
on the face in return.

The pain incensed Patrick, who charged towards John in retaliation; soon, a rough scuffle ensued.

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