A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 902

Paul growled, “What gives you the right-” “Have you forgotten that Grandfather was poisoned, and that
his condition was no accident?” Sean replied. “He’s very likely among us, which was why Grandfather
also made it very clear he isn’t seeing anyone before we find the culprit.”

Paul was incensed. “What, are you suspecting me now?!”

“I would never,” Sean replied reasonably. “But if you have nothing to worry about, why incur
Grandfather’s wrath? It’s not too late to see him once the truth is out.”

Paul was still scowling, but after Sean had put it that way, he would be the one who had more to lose if
he forced his way inside.

It was obvious Jesse was refusing to see Paul and everyone else because he didn’t trust them, and
charging inside would only hurt Jesse’s impression of Paul further.

As such, Paul restrained himself and stayed silent.

The rest of the family naturally had even less reason to speak up.

Sean repeated, “Grandfather just made it very clear that everyone should go about their business, and
not to visit that often. He will return to Cranston Hall when he’s better.”

“Didn’t he say anything else? You were in there for so long!” Patrick demanded, still a little dissatisfied.

“Those matters aren’t for your ears.”

“Sean!” Paul was furious.

They were simply humiliating themselves by coming here when Jesse clearly trusted Sean more and
told him everything, while the rest seemed to be of no concern to him.

“Grandfather has his misgivings, Uncle Paul. Please don’t shoot the messenger.”

“So he’s letting you take over family matters, is he?” Paul huffed, going straight to the point.

“No. He’s still healthy enough to manage.”

“Really?!” Paul snorted skeptically, and scoffed, “Right, you’re his eldest grandson and he personally
raised you. It’s only natural that he’s playing favorites. Don’t forget me when you do take over!”

“You’re overstating matters, Uncle Paul,” Sean answered, neutral and nonchalant as ever. “Grandfather
is still healthy not to retire, and don’t worry-he’d never play favorites.”

“Hah! You’ve really inherited the way he speaks without letting on anything. Fine, I won’t waste my
breath-if he doesn’t want us to bother him, we shall leave.”

And with that, Paul and his family quickly left.

“Sean, is Grandfather really alright?” Fred Cranston-Sean’s younger brother -asked just then.

“Yes.” Sean nodded. “He just needs to recuperate for a while, and he will be able to get discharged.”

“Is he too exhausted to see the others? Or maybe he doesn’t trust us anymore?” Fred asked.

“Grandfather told me not to say, and I’d plead the fifth anyway. He’s fine now, and he did say everyone
doesn’t have to come by that often. Just

head home for now,” Sean urged.

Fred nodded, and stopped asking questions as he left the hospital with his parents.

After they all left, Cordy asked, “Will this do?”

Sean nodded. “This gambit is a psychological battle, anyway. If the culprit could stay calm until the end,
no one would question anything if the culprit takes over.”

Cordy was at a loss of words-so the Cranstons valued ability and cared not for character.

“Come on. Let’s stay inside the ward and wait for the enemy to make a move.” Sean beckoned at

Cordy gave Sean a look then, and admitted, “I…I want to see John.”

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