A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 899

The next day, when Sean arrived at Cordy’s room alone, she asked, ” Where’s Patrick?”

He hadn’t shown up after he left her room last night, which was definitely not his style.

Even if Patrick knew that John was alive, he had no reason to avoid her.

“He’s asleep.”

“Is he sick?”

“No, just drunk.”

As Cordy stared at Sean, he shrugged. “I saw that he was taking it very hard, and I bought him a drink.
After that, he’s out like a light even until now, so I didn’t wake him. I can get him if you want him for

“No, it’s fine,” Cordy said quickly, since she was just asking.

However, she was still staring fixedly at Sean.

He simply returned her gaze and asked, “What?”

“You care a lot about him,” she said, knowing that Sean wasn’t one who meddled in the affairs of

“I mean, he’s family now,” Sean smiled faintly.

Cordy, however, thought that might not be the case. Not to mention, Sean had clear dark circles under
his eyes; he clearly didn’t sleep well last night.

Maybe he couldn’t sleep with Patrick staying in his room?

“Anyway, back to business.” Sean immediately changed the subject.

“Tell me.”

“I found a body double for Grandfather,” Sean said.

Cordy was left a little surprised, and he added, “I’ve screened through plenty of candidates, but there’s
no doppelgangers like I hoped. The one I picked only resembles him in stature and presence, but
there’s hardly any resemblance in the face. Anyone could tell that he’s not our grandfather from up


‘Til move grandfather somewhere secure today, while the body double will pretend as if he just woke
up. I’ll arrange the specifics-you just have to know that,” Sean said.

Cordy didn’t ask further questions.

What Sean wanted was for her to play along, and she just had to do it.

“So? What are your plans for John?” Sean asked in the end.

He didn’t ask yesterday because he needed time to let that bombshell sink in, though now, he would
like to know her plans.

“I’ll fight.” Cordy didn’t hide it from Sean, since he would find out anyway.

“Have you considered what you’d be facing if you do?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Cordy remained determined.

“Then do what you will.”

“You’re not going to tell me to stop?”

“Would that deter you?” Sean asked in return.


“Then there’s no reason to make either of us upset. Actually, I’d hate it more if you started to hate me,”
Sean said bluntly.

Cordy loved Sean, and she would be lying if she said that she wasn’t emotional about his affection for

He had always stood by her unconditionally across the years.

“Thank you.”

“It’s fine…”

“Sean,” Cordy suddenly said.

Sean stiffened and stared at her in turn.

That was the first time he heard such affection in her voice.

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