A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 890

John refused. “No, I should go back to my room. The doctor did tell me not to move around too much. I
just came to tell you I’m fine, and there’s nothing to worry about.’

Even as he spoke, he started to turn and leave.

“Lucas,” Cordy called out to him just then.

John flinched slightly—he knew Cordy was actually aware of who he truly was, because he heard her
saying that to him while he was still supposedly unconscious.

He recovered quickly because of her voice too, but he was afraid to admit that he had already
remembered everything at that instant.

“Let me see you off,” Cordy said, not waiting for John to say no and wheeling herself out to follow.

They silently and slowly strolled along the long walkways of the hospital, neither of them speaking.

The silence between them was deafening, until they both stopped in front of John’s room.

John turned towards her, watching her pale cheeks, her body that was covered in bandages, and her
scrawny form…

He had to work very hard to suppress his impulse not to pull her firmly in his arms and never let her go.

“You never did give me an actual answer,” Cordy said bluntly.

John felt a dull ache over his chest.

He knew Cordy all too well-she would never demand anything from others. If she realized her
relationship wasn’t as solid as she believed, she would take the rational choice and step away instead
of remaining stubborn.

Thus, she would give up on him if he gave in and married Nana.

Although she should have turned to leave without needing him to say anything, she chose a radical
novelx.o method like this instead.

John pursed his lips-he and Cordy kept reaching out to each other, only to keep missing.

When he loved him, she kept running away.

When she accepted him, he was ‘dead’.

And now, when she made the choice to be with him, there was another woman with him now.

Were they really destined to be apart?

“You love me, don’t you?” Cordy asked him before he could answer.


She was beginning to fight for her own happiness.

She always believed that novelxo she could restrain herself, that she could quietly accept John
marrying another woman, since a relationship went both ways.

As such, she didn’t think that just one person could maintain a relationship.

Yet, novëlxo she realized that she feared losing John more than her need to maintain appearances and

As such, she was willing to give up on her dignity, her principles, and her common sense just to reach
out to him.

“You just feel responsible for Nana, nØvelxo don’t you?” Cordy pressed.

As long as he said he loved her, no.velxo she wouldn’t mind that he wasn’t with her.

She was willing to take anything, even if she had to suffer the world’s scorn or even the apocalypse.

But John never did answer her; merely stared at her quietly, turmoil evident in his gaze.

He seemed to have read her mind—that he just had to nod, and she could abandon everything for his

John couldn’t help gulping.

Nonetheless, the silence between them continued, as if time itself had stopped.

The hope in Cordy’s eyes soon faded away…

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