A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 875

Cordy left with Sean without looking back, but she could feel a certain pair of eyes fixed on her.

She smiled in irony-what was the point in staring at her like that, when he didn’t call or text to explain

As they returned to their car, Sean said, “Now that we’ve set the bait, we just have to wait for our quarry
to take it.”

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded.

Their plan was simple-to force the hand of the culprit.

If the culprit wanted Jesse Cranston dead, he or she would definitely make another attempt since the
first one failed.

And now, their people are stationed at the hospital, waiting for the culprit to fall for it…

“Watch out!”

Sean was suddenly yelling at the chauffeur, who jammed his foot on the brake in his shock at that very

The chauffeur had been driving straight ahead despite the traffic light flashing red, and a motorbike
happened to be bounding forward from the side. They would definitely crash into each other if the
chauffeur kept going.

“I’m sorry,” he promptly apologized, sweating from fear.

Sean shot him a look and said sternly, “Eyes on the road.”

“Yes, Mr. Cranston,” he nodded repeatedly, feeling a little flustered.

He felt his consciousness blurring for a second just now, as if he had almost fallen asleep.

Strangely enough, he shouldn’t be feeling drowsy since he slept early last night, though the shock did
clear his mind.

Naturally, he was not about to tell Sean that; lest he risk losing such a good job.

He had no choice but to brace himself and keep driving, more carefully this time.

Considering that it was just a small surprise, he just had to take his driving seriously.

However, that was only the case right after the close shave. He kept his eyes on the road afterwards,
fully focused…until he started to lose consciousness again, his vision blurring.

He didn’t even realize he was supposed to stop, and kept his foot on the paddle stiffly.

“What are you doing, watch out…”

Sean noticed the chauffeur acting strange again.

The man had been driving for him for almost ten years, but never had any accidents or close shaves.

In fact, his ability was stunningly good, so it was clear that he was not in his right mind.

However, by the time Sean noticed, the driver had steered the car away from his original path towards
the adjacent lane, driving against the traffic.

Soon, another car streaked towards them, its driver clearly having no time to brake-


The cars collided, and the chauffeur promptly jolted awake.

He had no idea how they crashed, but was so shocked he tried to put his foot down again;
unfortunately, he mistook the gas pedal for the brake!

He slammed their car even more heavily into the car ahead, just as another car streaked towards them
from the side.

“Turn, now!” Sean shouted at the chauffeur.

The chauffeur was sweating buckets, utterly flustered, but Cordy noticed another car streaking towards

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