A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 876

The first collision was on the car’s engine compartment, and everyone inside would at worst suffer cuts
from bruises. But if the car streaking towards Cordy’s side of the car would crash into them, it would
most definitely kill her.

Nonetheless, the chauffeur gritted his teeth and used the last shred of his strength to swerve the car,
sending it into a powerslide.


The car coming from the side struck their hood and rocked their car violently, leaving it a crumpled
heap of metal while the airbags into the car all popped open.

The trio in the car all fainted from the violent crash, and the traffic on the road quickly built into a

A certain black car was stuck halfway due to the traffic jam ahead as well.

“What happened?” Nana asked. “Why’s there suddenly a traffic jam?”

It was just her, her chauffeur and John in the car.

They didn’t stay at the hospital for long. It was as Sean had said-the doctors forbade them from
entering Jesse’s ICU ward, so Jean didn’t keep the family there and allowed them to leave.

The Lynds all brought their own car, and they left the

hospital in different directions.

“I don’t know. I think there’s been an accident,” her chauffeur replied.

“Go see how long it would take them to clear a path,” Nana told him. “We still have to take our wedding

“Yes, Miss Lynd,” the chauffeur quickly replied. After that, he alighted.

Nana turned towards John, and bit her lip in frustration.

She wondered if he could stay indifferent towards anything now. His icy even though she managed to
force him to marry her.

She could also feel that he wasn’t treating Cordy the same way he usually did when he saw her today.

Nana’s gaze turned cold-whatever happens, she would

Soon, the chauffeur hurried back. “There’s a serious accident 600 feet ahead, with three cars colliding.
One of them was in pieces, and the people inside are probably dead. If

Nana couldn’t care any less. “Did you ask how long until they could clear a path?”

“No, there’s no telling how long they’d take—every car is stuck in place without space to move, and the
traffic police can’t even reach the scene. First responders aren’t here yet either,” the chauffeur replied.
Then, he suddenly added, “But the carthat was in pieces, I think it was the Cranstons’….”

Nana’s expression changed, while John turned to look at the chauffeur as well.

“I don’t think I’d mistake it either. There’s not that many Rolls even here in the capital with a number
plate of all 7’s. It must be Sean Cranston’s car…” The chauffeur trailed off.

John quickly opened the door, but Nana grabbed the hem of his coat. “Lucas! Where do you think
you’re going?!”

“Let go!” John glowered.

“No, don’t you dare! Stay here!” Nana refused to let go—she certainly knew who he was going to. If it
really was Sean’s car, Cordy might be in it too.

She would never allow John to leave her and go to Cordy!

No matter what it was for, she would never accept it!

John, however, didn’t waste a single moment and firmly pried her fingers away.

Nana felt the sharp pain in her fingers; it was as though he was using so much strength, he would
break her fingers right then and there.

He didn’t pause, and bolted the instant he freed himself.

Nana’s eyes welled with tears. Yet, she opened the door in the next moment to give chase.

She had to stop him-she would never allow him to save Cordy, even if Cordy was about to die.

To be precise, Nana wanted Cordy dead so no one would

steal John from her!

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