A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 880

Cordy felt her tears streaming down her cheeks, unstoppable no matter what she did…

And then, she suddenly felt pain-an unbearable pain that cut her to the quick.

She opened her eyes with much difficulty, her vision a dizzy blur.

She had no idea if she was in a dream, or if she had returned to reality.

It was probably the latter… Why else would it hurt so much?

But if it was reality, why was she seeing John?

His face was contorted, as if he was doing something with full strength…

Her eyes then narrowed when she suddenly noticed red blood dripping down on her cheek; the
sensation was no different from when her tears wet her cheeks in her dream.

“John…” she rasped, her voice so hoarse she almost couldn’t speak at all.

She suddenly remembered that moment three years ago, when she was caught in an accident as
serious as this one.

She was in the car with Patrick at the time, and it was also John who saved her.

He had always come to save her.

Her vision began to blur once again, so much so that she couldn’t clearly see John’s face.

John naturally heard her voice, hearing her calling the name ” John” repeatedly.

He felt as if the name was a ray of hope for him, and she would have hope as long as he was around.

His heart ached for some reason, but he had no idea if it was out of jealousy… It simply hurt.

Taking a moment to pause, John told her, “I’ll get you out of here. Don’t worry.”

Cordy gulped ever so slightly, but all she felt was her throat hurting and tasting the scent of blood.

“Are you awake, Cordy?” Sean called out to her.

Cordy blinked, and saw that Sean was covered in blood too; she finally remembered the accident.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” Sean asked her again.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her wake up, but dared not relax.

She was clearly too feeble, and there was no promise she wouldn’t faint the next instant.

“It hurts…” Cordy began, though it was difficult to speak.

In fact, it hurts everywhere.

“Well get you to the hospital as soon as we save you. Don’t worry-it’ll be fine,” Sean kept assuring her.

Cordy nodded weakly.

That was about the only thing she could do at that moment.

“Get ready,” John told Sean again.


John gritted his teeth again and pulled, his blood dripping on Cordy again when he did.

Cordy’s heart ached continuously, though her body was already numbed from the pain.

They kept going repeatedly, untilCordy suddenly felt her body turning very light. Sean cried out in
delight, “She’s out!”

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