A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 871

“I just think both Yelena and Dicky are too young to consider marriage.’ Jay simply came up with a
reason, finding it all the more logical after some consideration. “Yelena’s just three! It’s far too early to
consider that.”

“It’s called planning ahead, get it? Do you think Yelena wont get rivals for a young man as fine as
Dicky?” Zoe said seriously, convincing herself further the more she said it.

Who knows? Richard Levine might be married by the time Yelena becomes an adult, and she would
die regretting that her golden goose was poached to be someone else’s son-in-law.

“No. Yelena’s cute, so all the good ones would flock around her anyway,” Jay replied solemnly. “And
even if she doesn’t like them or refuses to marry, she can stay with us forever. That’s fine, since I can
afford it.”

Zoe was rendered speechless.

Does Jay know that being too nice a father would spoil a daughter? And what was that supposed to
mean, that Yelena could stay with them forever?!

“What if you die?” Zoe asked.

‘Til name her the heir to my massive fortune, and she could live her life without worrying about

In a way, Zoe was impressed; though she wasn’t about to change Jay’s mind about bethroting Yelena
to Dicky.

It was her opinion that any other son-in-laws paled in comparison to Dicky, especially after meeting him
again recently.

“Just give up already,” Jay said, seeing that Zoe was clearly not abandoning the idea.

When Zoe had something in mind, she wouldn’t just say it-she would do it too.

“How am I supposed to give up? All’s fair in love and war. I’m actually surprised you’d stop Dicky and
Yelena from getting together like Cordy did. Actually, forget Cordy stopping them, since it’s reasonable
not just anyone deserves a special boy like Dicky—”

“Yelena isn’t just anyone. She’s our daughter,” Jay corrected her.

Zoe shot him a look before continuing, “Either way, we’d be hitting the jackpot if we get Dicky. Cordy
has reason to be reluctant. But why are you rejecting the idea too? Don’t you want a good husband for

Jay was speechless. “Zoe, Yelena’s just three.”

“Like I said, it’s about planning ahead…”

“Either way, it’s not happening, not for them,” Jay said, his tone stern and leaving no room for

“Why?!” Zoe huffed.

Jay pursed his lips, but he didn’t know where to start, especially with the many things that had
happened in the past.

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