A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 856

Of course, he knew that Zoe was prepared to move back anytime, so she did not want to pack too
many things which would be troublesome for her.

After they were all done packing, Jay called for a van for the luggage before leaving with Zoe and the

Quinn knew how to take a hint.

It was now their ‘family’ time and she should not be interrupting them, so she made up an excuse and

The ‘family’ sat in a sedan, and things were not as awkward as expected in the car.

Yelena was bright and lively as she chattered non-stop. The car was filled with her voice and Zoe even
found it slightly noisy.

They soon arrived at Jay’s single-story bungalow.

Yelena was so excited as she walked into it. “Daddy, your house is huge and I love it! Wow, the glass
windows are so huge, I can see so far away. Daddy, I love your house. Can I come here frequently?”

“You’ll stay here from now on, Yelena.” Jay caressed her head dotingly.


“Not really.” Zoe doused a bucket of cold water on Yelena.”

We’ll return home after a while.”

“Mommy’s so terrible.” Yelena scrunched her nose up.

Jay caressed Yelena’s head and said, “Daddy’s going to help Mommy pack her luggage. Stay here and
be good. Don’t trip and fall.”


Jay stood up and said to Zoe. “Go and see which room you like? You can choose any room, even

“What are you thinking?” Zoe looked straight at him. i

“I mean, if you like my room, I can move out and make way for you. I can stay in another room,” Jay
hurriedly explained himself.

“There’s no need forthat. I can stay in any room, since we’re not staying here for long anyway.”

Jay did not say anything further, and he brought Zoe and Clara to check out the guest rooms.

There were a total of five rooms, which was definitely sufficient even if Yelena had a room to herself.

But Yelena was still young and had always been sleeping with Clara. Clara herself could not bear to
sleep separately from Yelena either.

Zoe and Clara chose their own rooms, and by the time they were done packing their bags, lunch was
ready in the kitchen.

“Come and have lunch,” Jay said, trying to be a good host.

“Did you cook?” Clara was surprised.

She did not expect Jay to know how to cook.

“No.” Jay immediately clarified, “I ordered takeout. I don’t know what all of you like to eat, so I ordered a
little bit of everything.”

“I’m not picky, I eat anything,” Clara said in an easy-going fashion.

The ‘family’ sat around the table, where Yelena insisted on sitting next to Jay.

No matter how Zoe glared at Yelena, she chose to ignore Zoe’s hints, even asking Jay to feed her.

She was truly asking for it.

“These dishes are Zoe’s favorites,” Clara suddenly remarked. “Eat more, Zoe.”

Zoe pursed her lips.

She looked at the dishes and knew they were all her favorites.

But having lived with Jay for so many years, wasn’t it normal for him to remember what she liked to

“Oh yes, do you cook on a daily basis?” Clara asked Jay.

“I’m usually busy with work and seldom eat at home. If I have time at home, I’ll call for housekeeping to
prepare meals for me. Now that all of you are staying here, I’ve contacted some chefs and will select a
suitable one to

prepare meals for us at home.”

“There’s no need for that. Since it’s just the few of us, I can cook for everyone,” Clara volunteered.

Jay glanced at Zoe, implicitly seeking her permission.

Zoe remained silent.

Clara went on. “I have nothing to do anyway. When Yelena attends kindergarten, I’m left at home with
nothing to do. It’s better for me to move around and keep active. What’s more, I know best what Zoe
and Yelena like to eat.”

“In that case, thank you very much.” Jay saw no objection from Zoe and agreed to Clara’s suggestion.

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