A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 863

“Calm down, Mom.” Even Cora was frightened by Nancy’s reaction.

It had been a while since Nancy threw a temper like this.

She was furious.

She trembled with anger when she saw news about Jay and Zoe being married and even having a
child between them.

How could she accept Jay and Zoe being together?!

How could she allow Zoe to appear before her once more? Zoe’s existence was a humiliation and a
blemish in her life. In her entire life, she wanted nothing more than to destroy Zoe!

“Jay Parker, I order you to divorce Zoe immediately and announce to the media that you have nothing
to do with her! ” Nancy screamed.

“Impossible,” Jay said simply.

“Jay Parker!”

“I can announce that I have severed all ties with the Levines, “Jay said emphatically.

He was firm and unyielding, leaving no room for negotiation.

“What did you say?!” Nancy could not believe her ears. “You want to sever ties with the Levines? Do
you still have a conscience, Jay Parker?! Have the Levines ill-treated you over the years? Have I ill-
treated you? I accepted you despite your status and past, and I’ve treated you well from the bottom of
my heart, yet now you want to sever ties with the Levines just because of Zoe York?!”

She yelled so loudly at the top of her voice.

Jay looked in the direction of the room that Zoe just entered, checking if the door was shut.

He had promised Zoe that he would not let Nancy cause trouble for her, and he did not want her to
hear anything upsetting.

Thankfully, the soundproofing in the house was excellent.

As long as the door was closed, nothing could be heard across the walls.

He looked back at a livid Nancy and repeated himself firmly, “I’ll sever all ties with the Levines.”

“Jay Parker!” Nancy could not accept what Jay said as she accused him with red-rimmed eyes, “Do
you know who you are? Do you know your true identity?! How dare you say something so traitorous…”

“My true identity?” Jay counter-questioned Nancy. “The illegitimate son of the Levine household.”

“You!” Nancy suddenly lost her tongue.

Cora was stunned to the core.

Jay was an illegitimate son?

Whose illegitimate son?

Mark, John’s father, who had died?

It was no wonder her mom treated Jay so well. Was it because Jay was a relative in the first place?

But rumors had it that Mark had a happy marriage. Did he really have an extramarital affair?!

“Should I be grateful to the Levines? Yes, when my mom was on her deathbed, she knelt and begged
him to bring me back to the Levine family, and he agreed to it. Otherwise, I would have been sent to the
orphanage with no home to return to,” Jay said sarcastically.

“It was his mercy that Dad decided to bring you back to the family. You have no idea how much your
mom schemed to make your dad sleep with her so that she could have you! It’s reasonable even if your
dad decided not to acknowledge you as his son, but he eventually relented and allowed you back into
the family, and he never once ill-treated you!” Nancy said self-righteously.

Cora was taken aback by what Nancy said.

Jay was not Mark’s son but Alan’s. Jay was the biological son of the highly respected patriarch of the
Levine family.

Come to think of it, when Jay was in a serious accident a few years back, Grandpa did become a lot
more haggard and worn out.

Back then, she thought that Grandpa was simply being compassionate for someone he had taken care
of, even though they were not related by blood. It turned out that Jay was Grandpa’s biological son.

In other words…

Jay was the true heir of the Levine family.

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