A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 865

Zoe would always chase after him, calling him ‘Old Mister’ when he was clearly only a few years older
than she was.

Initially, he felt nothing for Zoe.

To be accurate, in such a new environment, he was pretty much cold toward anyone.

He did not know how to act around them, and he was very careful to stay within boundaries and know
his place, causing as little trouble to others as much as he could.

But Zoe was overly warm and friendly.

She had boundless energy when she was young. No matter what he was doing, she would never fail to
run over and butt in.

When he was doing his homework, she would sprawl at his feet and play by herself.

When he was practicing at the piano, she would sit next to him and listen intently. She would even sing
a few lines in unclear words and imperfect pitch.

When he was sleeping, she would sometimes climb into his bed and make him read her bedtime

Whatever he did, she would be following behind him.

She would either chatter on incessantly or wait quietly by his side.

Zoe made him feel less uneasy and less cautious in the Levine household, and it made him like being
part of the Levine family a little bit more.

Their relationship gradually changed as they grew up and spent more time with each other.

Jay did not know when he started having feelings for Zoe. Perhaps it was when girls started pursuing

That was when he was in junior high, during which girls began confessing their feelings for him.

Each time a girl confessed her feelings to him, Zoe would come to his mind.

Zoe was still a young girl at that point in time. He even felt anxious for her to grow up faster.

Why was it taking her so long to grow up?

In the end, before she truly matured, she confessed to Jay when she turned seventeen.

Her confession was bold, to say the least.

She gave him a hug and a kiss.

Jay was truly frightened by what she did.

He knew that she was still too young to be in a relationship, but he was greatly tempted by her.

That night, they shared a passionate, lingering kiss.

To him, that sealed their relationship in stone for the future.

Yet, when he returned to his room, Alan called him into his study.

Alan said that he saw Jay kiss Zoe.

Just when Jay was about to confess his feelings for Zoe and promise to take responsibility for her, Alan
told him something earth-shattering.

He was not Alan’s adoptive son, but his illegitimate son instead.

Because it was not appropriate to announce his identity, Alan could only bring him back to the Levine
family under the name of an adoptive son.

Jay did not care whether he was Alan’s biological son or not -the only thing he cared about was that
things were no longer possible between him and Zoe.

He was Zoe’s biological uncle, and it was impossible for an uncle to be in a relationship with his niece.

That day, Alan told him many things but he heard none of it. The only thing he could hear was the
sound of his heart breaking.

He was wondering if Zoe could accept it if he told her the truth.

How could she accept the fact that she had fallen in love with her biological uncle?

That was probably more disgusting than eating a cockroach.

So, he chose to share a passionate kiss with another

woman by way of telling Zoe that whatever happened between them last night was nothing but an

He had to make it clear that he saw her as nothing but an accident and had no feelings for her

Zoe was deeply hurt by him, for many, many years.

He himself refused to concede defeat, and he secretly did many DNA tests, no less than five times over
the years.

Each time, the result showed that he was undeniably related to Alan by blood.

He finally resigned to his fate.

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