A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 860

“In that case, Director Parker, did you let Zoe go through the back door during this program? Zoe was
criticized heavily at the start, yet there has been a huge rise in her popularity now.”

“Everyone is welcome to look back on the previous two episodes. I can beat my chest and say proudly
that I did not do so, and Zoe’s achievements to date are a result of her pure hard work,” Jay said
affirmatively. He even threatened jokingly, ’Please don’t frame me, Zoe won’t allow me to open the back
door for her. Do you want me to end up sleeping on the couch tonight?! Don’t make up groundless
accusations, all right?”

The reporters laughed out loud.

They have never seen such a friendly side to Jay.

He was good-natured, but he would never crack jokes.

It was indeed true that men would behave differently in front of their wives.

“How did you feel when Zoe was criticized severely at the start?” another reporter asked.

“I can only say that my heart ached for her.”

“Did you consider asking Zoe to withdraw from the competition?”

“More so than the difficulties she faced, Zoe enjoyed the sense of achievement that the program
brought her. Clearly, her growth and transformation due to the program is proof that she has made the
right choice to stay,” Jay said smoothly.

“Director Parker, may I ask your wife some questions, please?” a reporter suddenly requested.

The word ‘wife’ pierced through Jay’s heart.

It made his heart beat quicken all of a sudden.

“Of course, you may.” Jay calmed himself down as he said,” But don’t be too harsh on her.”

“Director Parker, you’re so protective over your wife that I almost don’t dare to ask her questions
directly. Thank you for your grace, Director Parker. I will just ask her a few simple questions,” the
reporter said with a good sense of humor.

He went ahead to raise his questions.

“Ms. York…No, I should be addressing you as Mrs. Parker now,” the reporter corrected himself quickly.

Zoe pursed her lips.

Her words of objection died on her lips.

She reminded herself that she had to pretend to be lovey dovey with Jay.

Life was like a drama anyway, and she had always been good at putting up an act.

“Mrs. Parker, how did you and Director Parker meet and get

together back then? Do you find it worth it to secretly marry him and start a family with him, thereby
losing your successful career?” The reporter shot her with many questions at one go.

Zoe spoke into the microphone. “We got to know each other through filming a movie. You could say
that we grew to love each other with time.”

“Oh…” Everyone began wolf-whistling and cheering.

Zoe realized that what she said might have been suggestive, which was why all the reporters were
shooting her strange looks.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild. We simply developed feelings for each other with time,” Zoe said,

“I know, I know. Mrs. Parker, please continue sharing with us your love story.” The reporter went along
with her.

All the reporters felt like they were not actually on duty, but were behaving more like curious onlookers.

“We developed feelings for each other with time, and felt that we were each other Mr. and Mrs. Right,
so we got married. We didn’t want to announce our wedding for fear of taking up too much public
resources. I did consider leaving the entertainment industry for the family as well. If we announced our
marriage, I would not have been able to truly leave the industry,” Zoe weaved a story on the basis of
what Jay said.

She went on to say, “As for whether it is worth it, that is a non-existent question. One cannot compare
between family and career, and when both cannot be had, there has to be a sacrifice made. It is also
impossible to ask Jay to give birth.

I can only say that I do not have any regrets.”

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