A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 833

Patrick ultimately gave in and followed Cordy to Cranston Hall.

Sean just returned, and was surprised to find Cordy returning as well.

Naturally, he was frowning when he saw Patrick, who was scowling in return.

Patrick was now aware of the relationship between Sean and Cordy, but he absolutely would not bother

Sean if he did not want to woo Cordy.

“What’s he doing here?” Sean asked grumpily nonetheless.

Cordy told him about Patrick’s situation and shrugged. “We can let him stay a few days.”

Sean shot Patrick a look and said before turning away, “Why don’t you get lost, too?”

Patrick rolled his eyes.

They really were blood related-even their intonation was identical.

Still, he restrained himself and followed Sean to his room. At least the man had manners and was
polite enough a host to show Sean around.

Along the way, Patrick asked, “Where are Cordy and Dicky staying?”

“You don’t have to know.”

“I was just asking.”

“The answer is still no.”

“Look, man, don’t think you’re all that impressive just because you’re Cordy’s cousin. Don’t you
understand that you’re impeding her happiness?” Patrick argued defiantly.

“Hah!” Sean snorted in disdain. “I really don’t see how she’d find happiness with you.”

Patrick snapped at him viciously right then, “Do you even know me or what I’m like? Are you blind to
my family background or personal achievements? Why wouldn’t Cordy be happy with me?!”

“Did you forget which way you swing before?!” Sean said bluntly, refusing to waste his breath.

Patrick did a double take.


Sean knew about his past?! Did Sean do a background check on him?!

No one knew that aside from a couple of his confidants, and Cordy would not betray him either.

He grew to have a hundred percent faith in her after the years spent with her…

Seeing that Patrick was speechless then, Sean snorted and added, “I don’t think I’d allow Cordy to
waste the rest of her life with you.”

“That’s the past!” Patrick retorted. “I’m clean now.”

Sean looked at Patrick from head to toe then.

He had a clean appearance, and while he did not appear exceedingly masculine, he was definitely
charming as a man with his mild, refined good looks.

“What are you looking at?!” Patrick felt violated-Sean’s stare was a little intrusive just then.

“Here’s your room.” Sean simply turned away. “You can ask the servants if you need anything.”

With that, he started to leave, reluctant to spend another second with the man.

Patrick felt unusually angry at Sean, who was acting like he was worth his weight in gold.

What was he so smug about anyway?! He would not even look at him twice if he was not Cordy’s

Sean headed to Cordy’s room and asked, “So? What made you come back?”

He was happy, however, since he could feel that Cordy was growing to accept their family.

“I just came over with Patrick since it’d be troublesome if you had to come over and take me to the
hospital again. He seems a little self-important, but he doesn’t really cause trouble,” Cordy told him.

“Yeah.” Sean knew that, but Patrick’s mouth did need some correction.

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