A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 854

Thankfully, Zoe did not remain stubborn.

Sometimes, Zoe’s stubbornness made her capable of doing anything.

”Sure.” Jay nodded.

“Firstly, the marriage is fake and just for the media. After the dust settles, we will get a divorce.”

Jay pursed his lips and nodded.

He did not dare to disagree with her request.

If he did not, she would probably reject his solution.

The only thing he could do was to seize the chance to spend more time with her during this period.

“Secondly, even after we get a marriage certificate, we will not stay together. You will stay at your place
and I’ll

continue staying…”

“No way.” Jay rejected her outright.

Zoe stared at him.

“After announcing that we secretly got married, the media will surely stalk us. If they realize that we
aren’t staying together, what would they make of it? That we divorced? Or that we’re faking it?”

“I won’t do anything to you,” Jay said solemnly. “Even though we’ll be in the same house, we’ll sleep

“Of course that goes without saying,” Zoe said agitatedly.

Jay swallowed, i

He had thought that that was what Zoe minded. He did not expect her to in fact detest the idea of
staying in the same place as him.

She did not want to see him day in, day out.

“Thirdly, Nancy will surely oppose our marriage. I don’t want to deal with her. Explain things to her and
don’t cause me trouble,” Zoe said coldly.

But in fact, each time she mentioned Nancy, her eyes would go dim.

“Sure.” Jay immediately agreed.

All of a sudden, all was quiet in the living room.

Since everything was in place, there was not anything more to say.

Quinn took the initiative to lighten the mood, “So… shall we get the marriage certificate right now?”

Jay looked at Zoe, as if asking her for her opinion.

Zoe was clearly reluctant to do so.

But she recalled that it was just a fake marriage, as she had made clear just now.

“I’ll get my identification documents.” Zoe got up from the couch.

The moment she left, Jay and Quinn both heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Both of them felt as if they had just accomplished something great.

Both of them exchanged glances, and Jay thanked her from the bottom of his heart.

He could clearly sense that Quinn was on his side today.

‘Be good to Zoe. Don’t let her go again.”

“Yes, I will.” Jay nodded.

A while later, Zoe came out of the room with her documents and asked, “Do we head out together now,
or do I wait for you to get your documents before I head out separately…”

“We’ll head out together,” Jay replied. “I have my identification documents.”

Zoe refused to believe that he did not have it all planned out right from the start.

But she…

Forget it.

As long as she didn’t have any expectations, she would not end up disappointed.

“Let’s go.” Quinn rushed them.

She was afraid that Zoe might suddenly change her mind.

“Drive my car, just in case there’s paparazzi hanging around. They won’t recognize my car,” Quinn
offered enthusiastically, even more so than the two of them who were about to get married.

Jay and Zoe did not turn down her offer.

The three of them walked into the civil registry office.

At that moment, when Zoe took out her identification documents, she suddenly felt an inexplicable tinge
of unwillingness!

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