A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 849

Zoe did not know how Quinn found her house.

She never told Quinn about her home address after such a long time because she did not want them to
find out about Yelena.

However, she did not intentionally hide it from them.

She just knew very well that they would ask about who Yelena’s father was when they learned about
Yelena’s existence. Even if she did not tell them who Yelena’s father was, they would guess the truth.
After that, it would become very troublesome. She just wanted to raise Yelena alone.

Yet, she still opened the door.

She was afraid that Quinn would consciously go against the law even though Quinn was the lawyer
and would break open her door if she refused to open the door.

“Zoe, why are you avoiding me?” Quinn’s face was flushed because of anger.

“No, I’m not.” Zoe averted Quinn’s gaze.

Zoe was not very good at lying, especially to the important people around her. She could not make up
white lies.

“Why didn’t you pick up my calls or read my WhatsApp messages if you’re not avoiding me?”

Consequently, Zoe remained silent.

“Where is your daughter?” Quinn asked.

“When did I have a daughter…”

Zoe kept quiet under Quinn’s gaze.

She then continued because of Quinn’s gaze, saying, “She’s at home.”

“Let me go and see her.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me questions?” Zoe looked at Quinn.

“I’ll ask you after I see your daughter.” Quinn walked into the house.

At that time, Yelena was playing with toys in the living room.

She did not know why her mother prohibited her from going to kindergarten today.

That was fine, but her mother did not even let her go out.

How boring!

She looked up and saw a strange woman out of the blue.

So, she blinked her round eyes.

“What’s her name?” Quinn looked at Yelena and asked Zoe.

“Yelena York.”

“Yelena.” Smiling, Quinn walked toward Yelena. “Nice to meet you. I’m your mommy’s best friend. If
you’re okay with it, I’ll be your godmother.”

Suddenly, Zoe’s heart was warmed.

It was hard not to be moved after gaining firm approval.

She gave birth to a child before marriage, and she always thought that a calm and steady person like
Quinn would find that very repulsive.

At that time, Quinn’s attitude toward Yelena was her attitude toward Zoe.

“Godmother.” Yelena smiled sweetly.

Her soft and tender voice warmed Quinn’s heart.

“Can I hug you?” Quinn asked.

“Sure.” Yelena nodded obediently.

After that, she extended her hands and took the initiative to let Quinn hug her.

Quinn then carried Yelena, who was a little heavy.

After Quinn carried Yelena, she turned around to look at Zoe.

She found that Zoe’s eyes had turned red.

When Zoe met Quinn’s gaze, she immediately looked away.

Quinn pursed her lips. “Yelena, so we now know each other. Can I come often to play with you from
now on?”

“Sure.” Yelena loved liveliness.

She liked places with a lot of people from a young age, and she was also into making friends.

After Quinn put Yelena down, she turned around to look at Zoe. “Come on. Let’s go into the room and

Zoe did not refuse either.

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