A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 842

Patrick gestured at himself eager to liven things up. “Come on. Do your worst.”

Finding him childish, Richard simply ignored him.

Sean could not stand it right then.

How did Patrick even manage to survive in the political scene? With that personality of his, his rivals
would eat him up and spit him out at any moment!

Nonetheless, he suddenly kicked out a wave, splashing it at Patrick and hitting him in the face.

“Hey! Are you a kid? I wasn’t playing with you!” Patrick snapped grumpily.

“Look who’s talking, thirty-year-old who acts like a ten-year- old.”

“Are you mocking me?”

“What do you think?”

“F*ck!” Patrick shrieked even as he kept splashing Sean repeatedly. “I’ve had it with you! You stood in
my way for love, and you’re now interfering with me bonding with my future son?! You really have a lot
of free time, don’t you?!”

Sean was naturally not to be trifled with, and he promptly retaliated with even more splashes at Patrick.

All at once, the modest-sized pool was filled with splashes, with Richard being the victim and unable to
avoid the splashes.

He was certainly confused-both men’s ages combined were over seventy, but they were somehow
getting addicted to this childish game?!

Still, he could clearly see Patrick’s eyes turning red from rage since he kept losing, which made him a
little happy.

He certainly did not like Patrick, especially since Patrick kept asking to be his daddy.

He had a daddy anyway, and his mommy would always be with him.

Richard scowled a little just then as he remembered running into his daddy at the hospital in the

What was he doing with that woman? Did he not know that mommy would become sad? ’

He obviously felt how depressed his mommy was for the whole day, and it was definitely not just
because of his greatgrandfather’s illness—his daddy’s hesitation must have had something to do with
that too.


Richard was very engrossed in his thoughts when he suddenly heard Patrick shrieking, and he turned
toward Patrick to find the man dropping limply in the spa.

It was not that deep—just waist-length, even for Richard.

No one could drown at that depth, right? And Patrick was an

adult male at that.

That was what Sean thought too—even if the man slipped and fell in the pool, he would never drown.

However, ten seconds passed…

Then twenty…

Then thirty…

Patrick never got up from the pool.

Sean’s face fell, and seeing the look on his face, Richard became worried too.

Did something bad really happen?!

He quickly followed Sean to Patrick’s side, and he watched as his uncle quickly dived into the pool and
dragged the unconscious Patrick out of the water while quickly heading for land.

Sean was visibly concerned, but just as he was about to reach the edge, he felt a huge pressure on his
body as he was dragged backward and shoved firmly beneath the surface!

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