A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 838

John woke up in the hospital with the Lynds surrounding him along with a feeble Nana.

The bandages wrapped around her wrists was all too obvious.

Keith had wanted to give John a beating after he woke up, furious that he broke up with Nana and
made her try to kill herself, but it was Nana who stopped Keith, putting her body between them despite
her vulnerable state.

Even if John was spared a beating, Keith threatened him that if he hurt Nana again, neither him nor
Cordy would ever leave the capital, telling him not to challenge the limits of his patience again and to
stay at the hospital with Nana.

Nana had lost a lot of blood when she slit her wrists, and the doctors were suggesting that she stay for
further observation.

She kept apologizing throughout, claiming that she did not expect such harshness from her father. She
kept telling him how he loved her and could not live without him, and she did not want this but just
could not control herself.

John never responded, and Nana did not push him.

After staying for over two days with her at the hospital, John said he needed a change of clothes.

Nana did not stop him.

John ran into Cordy when he returned to the hotel, but he could not quite bring himself to tell her

He kept hesitating, just as he did not know what to say.

Indeed, he had a hard time deciding.

Not only were the Lynds were coercing him with their influence, just as Nana threatened him with
suicide, but Cordy might get hurt too.

It was really too difficult for him to decide right then, so he decided to buy time.

He was surprised to run into Cordy at the hospital today and even more surprised that Patrick was in
the city.

He could not help admitting that he was jealous seeing them together, and he felt so strongly about it
he wondered if he loved Cordy more than he could think.

“Lucas, don’t get angry, okay?” Nana pouted tentatively. “I’ll listen to anything you say, as long as you
forget about

Cordy. I can even get plastic surgery to look like her if you like her face…”

John’s expression finally changed, left in disbelief that Nana would say something like that.

“I’m joking since you kept ignoring me.” She smiled. “I know you’re not that shallow.”

“There’s no love between us, Nana. It would just hurt us both if you make us stay together.”

Not for me. I won’t get hurt as long as I’m with you-l know

you’re just infatuated with Cordy, and you’ll eventually realize that you only ever loved me.”

Even as she spoke, Nana appeared utterly innocent.

No one could ever tell how cunningly devious she was at all.

“Stop thinking about Cordy, Lucas. She has a boyfriend, and you saw how close they were. She
definitely feels nothing for you, and she might just want some temporary excitement. I’ve already
investigated them-Cordy and Patrick have been together for years. They’re inseparable.”

“I don’t need you to tell me what she’s like.”

“Okay, okay. I know you’d be upset if I badmouth her, so I promised I won’t do it ever again. Just don’t
give me that long face, okay?” Nana pouted again. “You weren’t like this before. You used to be so

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