A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 839

As Nana leaned her head gently over Lucas’ shoulder, he continued to give her the silent treatment.

Right now, he needed time to come up with a way so everyone could walk away without grievances.

Likewise, Nana needed time to accept his departure.

However, that was certainly not what Nana thought—she had no intention to let him leave at all.

Everything she wanted since she was a child, she would possess them without fail.

And men were no different.

She got what she wanted, or she would destroy it-that was her principle in life.

Just like how ‘walking away’ did not exist in her vocabulary.

At the hospital, Cordy and Sean took turns visiting Jesse.

Their grandfather’s complexion had improved over the last few days thanks to therapy. Anyone who did
not know that he was unconscious would easily buy that he was just asleep.

The doctors also agreed that he was getting better and might wake up in a few days.

They had been saying that for days, however, and it got a little frustrating to keep hearing it.

However, they had no choice but to wait

After they left the hospital, Patrick suddenly said, “It’s rare for me to visit the capital, so let’s go have

Cordy, Sean, and even Richard stared at him blankly.

Was his eyes incapable of observing the gloomy mood of everyone around him?

And yet, he still wanted to have fun… did he even compare to the ten-year old kid beside him?!

“What’s that look for?” Patrick frowned.

“Shut up if you don’t know how to talk.” Sean glowered.

’No, it’s exactly because you’re all in a bad mood that we all need a breather,” Patrick said as if it was
only natural. “Do you think your grandfather would get better if you stayed dead silent? It would make
sense that he wants everyone to live well instead of worrying over him every day.”

Sean had more to say, but Cordy beat him to it, reluctant for them to argue again. ‘Til go with Patrick to
take in the sights. You should head home if you’re busy.”

Sean glanced sideways at Patrick just then.

Pursing his lips, he said, “I happen to be free today. I can come along with you today.”

Cordy was a little surprised since Sean was not that sociable.

Sure, he was not cold, but he was just a little uptight and would not smile or laugh with just anyone. ’

There were times that Cordy found him more stoic than Jesse as he treated everyone indifferently-even
his own wife.

Cordy never met Sean’s wife that many times either-their wedding was rushed, and it was seemingly a
shotgun wedding for the sake of their child.

And each time Cordy met Sean and his wife, they were more than polite toward each other, but
affection was sorely lacking.

Cordy was not sure if she imagined, but that was probably how Sean treated everyone.

Moreover, his wife never complained, even if Cordy had no words to describe the relationship between

That was why Cordy was surprised that he was tagging along with them.

“I’m worried about you and Dicky,” Sean explained, seemingly seeing the question in her mind just

He was certainly candid, but he was also definitely concerned about Patrick being there with them.

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