A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 827

Yelena nodded tamely. “I’m sure. Mommy told me before.

Clara was left utterly bemused right then. What was going on between Jay and Zoe?

Zoe must have gotten pregnant here in North City the last time they were here…

Forget it.

An old woman like her was only too aware that the young people could handle their own issues.

All she had to do was raise Yelena well, so that Yelena was fair and pretty and happy every day, and
she would be content to no end with that.

Meanwhile, over at the capital, Cordy was having a discussion with Sean about Jesse.

Their grandfather was still in ICU and had yet to regain consciousness, but the doctors were hopeful,
telling them that they should not give up since he might wake up at the next instant.

However, it was still demoralizing that they did not have solid numbers.

Still, Sean suddenly asked Cordy, “Why do I have this feeling that you’re a little distracted?”

Cordy pursed her lips-she certainly was.

She must admit that she was thinking about John.

Before they parted ways the other night, John said that he would tell Nana everything the next day.

But he had since been gone for days.

Richard had been asking multiple times where he went and why he was not showing up, and Richard
even checked John’s room to find it empty.

The boy even asked the front desk, and it turned out that John never checked out, though he was not
staying there either.

She actually thought about calling John, but decided to stay quiet and leave it in John’s own hands.

He was the one who had to decide, after al I—be it to break up with Nana, or to return to her side

ignoring her feelings while not explaining a thing for Sean, she asked, “Weren’t you just asking me to
go back to Cranston Hall?”

“Yeah. You’re the one who suggested bringing the cops into this,” Sean replied. “I’ve made all the
appropriate arrangements, and I’d like you to stick with me as we make the announcement in front of

“Sure.” Cordy did not say no-with Jesse still unconscious and that new will unattainable, they could not
suspect anyone.

The only thing they could do was set the bait and draw them out of hiding.

With that, Cordy started to head out of the hotel with Sean and Richard, and she had just stepped
outside the entrance when they saw John returning.

He looked weary, though Richard was still thrilled to see him nonetheless.

However, he was feeling a little temper too, as he was genuinely disappointed that John did not do
anything else now that his relationship with his mommy was just improving.

“Where have you been, Lucas? Mommy and I have been waiting for you for days…”

Blood relations were a curious thing, was it not?

Cordy was certainly used to it by now.

John’s weariness soon eased when he saw Richard too.

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