A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 831

Sean said evenly, “No, Uncle Paul. You can go about your business now.”

“Yeah,” Paul replied and stormed off angrily, his family quickly following.

Calmness returned to Cranston Hall right then, while Sean turned to Cordy. “You should stay here for
the night. There are not that many outsiders right now, and I can myself testify that my own parents are
nice-they never did like power struggles and the like. Fred is away enjoying life with his girlfriend, while
my wife is visiting her parents with our kid. There are just a few of us in Cranston Hall, so it’d be nice if
you stayed with us instead of staying at the hotel.” i

Cordy sighed-there were times when she just could not turn down Sean, and it was not as if she could
not feel that Sean had been sincerely nice to her.

Even so…

Well, she had to admit that she wanted to go back to the hotel for John.

Whatever it was that had happened, she would like to clear the air with John.

“… Very well.”

Seeing that Cordy was not responding, Sean knew it was pretty much a no.

He would not try to push her, and he understood her reasoning.

She was just reintroduced to the family three years ago-to ask her to accept them and assimilate
herself was asking too much.

“Come on. I’ll take you and Dicky back to the hotel.”

The chauffeur can take me.” Cordy did not want to trouble Sean so much.

“It’s fine.” Sean insisted on driving her.

Even Cordy had to admit that she was closer to Sean than the rest of the Cranstons.

After all, her grandfather held seniority and she would always tiptoe around him, whereas Sean was a
lot more carefree, even unconditionally accepting.

Still, Sean did not escort Cordy back to her room.

When she arrived on her floor, she found John approaching them on the walkway rather urgently.

Seeing him, Richard became excited again. “Were you waiting for us out here, Lucas?”

Cordy raised a brow-Richard was giving himself too much credit, no?

John would have no idea when they would come back.

That said, why was he leaving now and looking worried?

What could have happened?

“I’m leaving for a while,” John said very quickly.

“Again?” Richard appeared upset right then.

“Something came up,” John said, his eyes fixed on Cordy just then.

“Is it urgent?”

“A little,” John nodded.

“Is it about Nana Lynd?”

John gulped, but he soon said, “Yeah.”

Cordy felt a stinging sensation over her chest right then, catching her offguard.

“Should I just pretend you never said what you did the other night?” she asked.

“Just give me a few days. I’ll give you something definitive,” John told her.

Not now?”

Not now.”

“Fine,” Cordy said, her tone indifferent as she repressed the myriad emotions she felt.

John glanced at Cordy, but he eventually gritted his teeth and strode off.

Richard looked obviously reluctant to see him go.

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