A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 828

John looked up at Cordy, and she returned his gaze with a look of apathy.

Though they held each other’s gaze for just a second, a man as sharp as Sean clearly noticed that
something had changed between them.

It was certainly a dramatic change in chemistry between those two, especially compared to how they
were just days before…

“Where are you going?” John asked Cordy just then.

“Cranston Hall,” Cordy replied, without asking where he went for days and why he was only returning
now, or how things were going between him and Nana.

“I see. You should go,” John said.

Cordy pursed her lips.

She would have told Sean to wait if John had asked her to stay, since Sean’s announcement about
getting the cops involved could wait.

Her presence there was also not necessary either.

But he did not ask her to stay…

“Okay,” Cordy said and left with Richard right then.

John watched as she went, his gaze turning dark just then.

In the car, Sean could not resist asking, “So… what’s the story with you and Lucas?”

When Cordy did not answer, he continued, “Well, it’s not like I can give you the talk, especially since
you’re an adult and you’ve been single for a while… All I want to say is that he’s Nana Lynd’s boyfriend,
and they’re even engaged.”

“You think I’m the third-wheeler there?” Cordy asked, looking up at Sean just then, though it was not far
from the truth given the vague connection between her and John now.

“What?! No!” Sean snapped in displeasure. “First off, they’re not actually married. Secondly, when it
comes to relationships, it doesn’t matter if you’re first or second-it’s not wrong as long as you’re not
hurting anyone with malicious intent. Last but not least, Lucas does resemble John Levine. It’s almost
reasonable that you’d fall for him.”

Cordy really wanted to tell Sean right then that Lucas was John, but she quickly stopped herself.

Even now, she had no idea what John’s choice would be- she simply could not find any confidence
from him.

“What I’m concerned about is the fact that Nana is really dangerous,” Sean said solemnly then. “Don’t
take her delicate appearance and poor health seriously-she’s not as simple as she looks. Just think
about it: the Lynds are such a huge family with tons of children and grandchildren, so why would Jean
Cranston favor her so much? Because she wins sympathy because of her frail health? I don’t think it’s
that simple.”

Cordy turned toward Sean then even as he continued, “I’m not even badmouthing her because she’s
your rival now. She used to live here in the capital with us before she went abroad, and we often visited
each other’s homes… But there was this one time when I saw her knock a vase over and break it on
purpose before accusing her cousin for it. Those stubborn, wounded look really tricked every adult in
the room.”

Cordy frowned. “Why didn’t you expose her?”

“She was so convincing that I was gaslighted into believing that I was mistaken,” Sean replied. “But
once I got home and did some proper thinking, I became sure that I was not mistaken-Nana broke the
vase and framed her cousin for it. I guess the reason was because Jean had been praising that cousin,
and Nana got jealous. However, we were both still young at the time, and bygones are bygones… But I
remembered it again now that you might get involved with her soon.”

“I see,” Cordy replied and did not say much else.

They soon returned to Cranston Hall, and as they arrived at the lobby, they saw that everyone else had

“Oh, if it isn’t Sean,” Paul Crantson-Jesse’s second son and Sean’s uncle-said sarcastically then. “The
same Sean who asked the whole family to wait for half an hour before he finally shows up. Aren’t you
throwing your weight around as head of the family a little early?”

It was a jibe at Sean for lording over the rest while Jesse was still alive.

In reality, Sean would never be appointed as the head of the family even if the Cranstons had to
choose Jesse’s heir right now. Sean simply held some degree of authority since Jesse had personally
groomed him for years.

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