A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 834

Cordy then said, “Anyway, it’s a little late and Patrick lost his luggage, so ask the servants to get him
some fresh clothes. He can buy the rest early tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry,” Sean replied. “I don’t like him trying to woo you, but I won’t treat him too harshly.”

“Thank you.”

“That said, you really shouldn’t stay with him. He used to be… ” Sean trailed off, as if worried that
Cordy would not be able to take it. “Anyway, just keep your distance.” 1

Cordy could see that he had something to say, but she did not ask.

“Just take it easy for now. Join us during dinner later.”

With that, Sean left, unable to help sighing emotionally at how tumultuous Cordy’s love life had been.

Everyone around her seemed to be fine and successful, but none of them turned out to be normal.

Sean returned to his room and picked two sets of clothes before heading straight to Patrick’s room.

Patrick had slight clean freak tendencies.

After a long flight, he went straight to take a shower once he returned to his room… only to remember
he did not bring any clothes.

He simply wrapped a towel around his waist, whistling as he prepared to call Cordy to bring him some

He even stood before the tall mirror in front of the bathroom to check his reflection, while flexing his

Satisfied with his figure, he stepped out, and almost jumped when he saw Sean, who was staring
obviously at his body, in his room!

Patrick quickly tried to reach for something-anything—to cover himself.

But there was nothing.

Fuming, he snapped, “Goddammit, Sean Cranston! Don’t you respect boundaries?!”

How could he keep a straight face and stare at his perfect figure with such aplomb?!

Sean sneered in disdain, and Patrick found it absolutely humiliating!

Still, Sean threw the clothes he brought Patrick by the bed. ’ Cordy asked me to pass these to you.”

With that, he started to leave.

“Stop!” Patrick snapped, and Sean paused at the doorway.

“What’s that look for? Were you mocking me?” Patrick demanded.

“It’s a perfectly normal look. What, do you take exception?” Sean stared at him coolly. “I thought you’re
straight? What’s

so embarrassing about being stared at by another man?”

“What makes you think I’m embarrassed?!” 1

“My eyes told me as much,” Sean said evenly.

He was a polar opposite from Patrick, who shook with rage and felt utter disdain from Sean.

Suddenly, Patrick pulled off his towel, while Sean blinked and pursed his lips.

“Feeling embarrassed yet?!” Patrick growled through his teeth.

Sean shot him a look, and said nonchalantly, “Childish.”

“Childish?! How am I childish?! You’re blind!” Patrick was almost jumping with rage.

“I mean your behavior,” Sean retorted, a little speechless.” Now put some clothes on. Don’t even think
Cordy will take care of you if you catch a cold.”

And this time, he left without a pause, slamming the door heavily behind him after he was gone.

Patrick was left bristling by Sean.

The man was just so eccentric for a man in his forties who recently married and had a child!

There would not be more than a handful of women who could stand him!

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