A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 823

After hanging up, Yelena’s tearful face was quickly replaced by a broad grin.

The cabbie could not help smiling when he saw her reaction -children never could hide their delight.

At the same time, he could not help wondering whose adorable daughter she was… Any daddy would
definitely love to have her.

Meanwhile, at the studio, Jay was a little distracted after receiving the call in the middle of rehearsals.

He used to be able to stay immune from everything while he directed various projects, but he was
spacing out a few times.

“Mr. Parker?” His assistant prodded him just then.

Jay quickly came to his senses and was left staring at Zoe.

Zoe frowned-why was he looking at her? She was not messing up.

Nonetheless, Jay said, “Keep rehearsing. I’m stepping away for a moment for a little errand-I’ll review
your performances later.”

And with that, he left, his cane thudding in his wake.

However, the thespians were in an uproar after he was gone.

“What’s gotten into the director?” Candice could not resist asking. “He’s always so prim and serious,
but he suddenly looks out of it! Maybe he’s dating?!”

She promptly clasped a hand over her mouth once she said that, since scandals like that were

She threw her hands up defensively. ‘ Look, I was just speculating. Don’t believe me.”

The others did not actually buy it, though an actor, Horace Cartman, said, “I ran into him taking a call at
the walkway, and I think it was a child…”

“Wait, are you saying that Jay Parker has a child?!” someone exclaimed.

Even if one must watch their tongue in showbiz, no one really could resist gossip.

No way! I thought he was single all this while! Where would he get a kid?!”

“Could just be a relative. Or a friend’s kid,” someone reasoned.

“True.” The others found that explanation more plausible.

And after some wild speculation, they did not waste that much time before returning to the rehearsal,
remembering then that Jay would be reviewing their performances later.

Zoe naturally joined them, though she felt unusually restless for the day.

What devilry could be happening soon?

Downstairs, Jay only waited for a while when the cab arrived.

Yelena quickly reached for the door, but Jay had already opened it for her.

“Daddy.” Yelena promptly hugged his legs, her tiny form fitting just right in the gap between his feet.

Jay patted her little head and paid the cabbie, who tried to get a good look at his face.

However, he had himself disguised with a baseball cap and a face mask, and he was still preoccupied,
wondering how the girl managed to reach him.

Unable to see Jay’s face, the cabbie left in disappointment… though it was reasonable that the child of
a top star would look that adorable.

Jay led Yelena into his car after the cabbie left.

In the end, showbiz was a harsh environment. Whoever the child was, anyone who happened to be
shadowing him could take photos and blow the incident out of proportion.

While Jay was not worried about himself, he would still protect the child’s privacy.

Once inside the car, Yelena asked excitedly, “Where are we going, Daddy?”

“I’m taking you home,” Jay replied.

“Why? You don’t like me? But I wanted to see you, and I skipped kindergarten. Can’t we go play,
Daddy? Can’t you play with Yelena?”

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