A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 821

Clara was even more surprised just then. “Why do you want to call Mr. Parker?”

Did Yelena know Jay?

“I wanted to call him,” Yelena said, blinking her wide, innocent eyes at Clara. “Can’t you help me,

Clara certainly could not refuse her adorable granddaughter and did not ask further since she
presumed it to be a child’s whim.

She scrolled through Zoe’s contacts and soon found it, then asked Yelena, “Do you want to call him

“Not now. I’ll write down the number for now,” Yelena said.

“Okay,” Clara simply thought that the little girl was having fun, as she always did-adults could never
understand the games children played anyway.

Clara wrote down the number for Yelena on a piece of paper. Yelena happily took it and said, “Thank
you, Grandma.”

Clara patted Yelena’s little head, while Yelena slipped the number in her pocket and took Zoe’s phone
back to Zoe’s room.

Zoe was still in bed, unable to fall asleep. She saw Yelena gingerly entering, worried of waking her just

Zoe simply closed her eyes and pretended to sleep to see what her little girl was up to.

Keeping her eyes narrowed, she watched as Yelena tiptoed inside and put her phone beside her before
leaving quietly.

Zoe felt more warmth spreading over her chest-Yelena was really the apple of her eye, and she would
not feel cold with Yelena around.

Early next morning, Zoe got out of bed early and prepared to head over to the studio for rehearsals.

Mommy,” Yelena greeted Zoe-she always woke very early to see Zoe off.

“Have you eaten breakfast, Yelena?”

“Yes, Mommy. Aren’t you going to have breakfast?”

“I’m running late. Stay home and listen to Grandma, okay?”

“Are you going to work, Mommy?” Yelena asked.

“Yeah,” Zoe replied, putting on her shoes.

Yelean ran up to her and asked, “Where do you work, Mommy?”

“North City TV Studios. Alright, I’m going now. Be good.”

Zoe hurriedly put on her shoes and left.

Yelena stared as she closed the door, ensuring it was tightly shut.

But where was the studio?

“Yelena?” Clara asked as she worked from the kitchen. “Did your mommy leave already?”

“Yes, Grandma.”

“She could’ve had breakfast before going.” Clara sighed.” Yelena, we have to get you changed soon.
We’re going to kindergarten.”

“Okay,” Yelena said in her adorable voice.

Clara was taking Yelena to the kindergarten when Yelena suddenly said, “You can go now, Grandma. I
can go on my own from here.”

“No, you’re still a child and should always stay where we can see you.” Clara refused right then. “What
if you run into bad people?”

“But I wanted to go by myself.” Yelena appeared disappointed.

Clara never could bear seeing Yelena upset. She said,” Alright, you can go on your own.”

She could just follow Yelena from a distance before she reached the kindergarten anyway.

Yelena happily walked ahead right then.

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