A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 820

Everything Zoe did, Jay would know all too well…

Zoe froze just then.

By the way, why did he not stop her?

“Actually, Jay has been good to you. If you’re still into him, you should-“

Hold it,” Zoe stopped Quinn right then. “Absolutely impossible. Not on my life.”

“You’re really petty,” Quinn said, speechless.

“Revenge is a dish best served hot.”

“It’s ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’, girly.”

“It’s the same,” Zoe replied nonchalantly. “Anyway, I’m hanging up. I need to get some rest.”

“It’s actually fine. Who knows, Jay might be enjoying it…”

Zoe hung up right then.

Quinn was such a pervert-she had really changed after three years’

Zoe put away her phone, noticing then that Yelena was still beside her.

Yelena always made a ruckus, but she was now so silent Zoe completely forgot about her.

So… she said a lot of child unfriendly stuff, did she not?

“Mommy, are you done with your call?” Yelena asked.


“Can I use your phone?” Yelena’s eyes were wide with expectation.

Zoe frowned-she usually was not this addicted to watching YouTube.

Still, Zoe tolerated that. “Get Grandma’s phone if you want. She doesn’t usually use hers, and I have to
take a lot of calls. It’d be inconvenient.”

But I want to use yours,” Zoe said stubbornly.

“Be a good girl, Yelena…”

Don’t you love me anymore?” Yelena’s eyes were immediately red and wheeling with tears.

And with her little pout, she looked utterly miserable.

Zoe was melting right then—she knew that Yelena was just faking it, but her little girl was that good at

She wondered if Yelena got that from her or Jay… though it was definitely her, since Jay was no actor.

“Alright, alright,” Zoe said and passed Yelena her phone.” Give it back to me in ten minutes. I’m going
to nap again.”

She needed time to cool off.

Yelena was beaming right then and happily took the phone away before running back, saying, “You
didn’t unlock it,


Zoe used her face to unlock it.

“Thanks, Mommy,” Yelena said and gave Zoe a peck on the cheek before running off again.

Zoe felt warmth over her chest—Yelena was definitely her little angel, and thank goodness she was not
emotional when she made her choice back then.

Naturally, she just did not know what Yelena was up to.

Meanwhile, Yelena was carrying the phone to the living room -she was still young and did not know
what to do other

than browse YouTube.

However, she was much smarter than her peers, understanding more while they were still in the dark
about everything.

And she especially knew how to charm others.

“Grandma,” she called out to Clara.

“What’s wrong, darling?” Clara smiled—she really reserved all her tenderness for her granddaughter.

“What was the name of the man who came last night?” Yelena asked.

“Oh you saw her too? He’s Jay Parker, your mommy’s colleague, I guess. What about it?”

So her daddy’s name was Jay Parker-Yelena remembered that.

She then said, “Grandma, could you help me look through mommy’s phone and find Jay Parker’s
number? I want to save it.”

“Why?” 1

“I want to call him,” Yelena replied, still too young to know how to lie.

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