A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 815

Zoe was a little speechless. “I’m not your husband.”

How drunk was Quinn, really?

Zoe could admit to herself that she was drunk, but at least she was not this drunk!

“Time to go,” she told Quinn nonetheless.

Quinn still felt muddled as she rose from the couch and was soon tumbling as her body felt limp.

Zoe tried to pull Quinn up, but she could not!

However, Sam suddenly held out a hand to hold Quinn, and before Zoe realized what was happening,
he said, “We’re going home.”

With that, Zoe could only watch as Quinn’s limp form was being carried off by Sam, not quite wrapping
her head around the fact for a long while!

When she finally did and was about to rush outside to take Quinn back from Sam, she felt someone
catching her wrist abruptly.

Zoe turned to find Jay, who told her, “I’m taking you home.”

“I’m going home with Quinn,” Zoe retorted determinedly.


“Why not?”

“Sam will take her home.”

“Exactly! What do you think he’s going to do?!” Zoe became further agitated.

“They’re married…”


“And they just moved out of Saunders Mansion. They’re living together now.”

“Wait, what?!”

“It’s pointless for you to go with Quinn.”

Zoe actually was left speechless, while Jay added, “Can’t you see that Quinn is learning to accept Sam
too? Won’t you be getting in their way?”

Wait, was that really the case?

“Come on. I’m taking you home,” Jay said, holding her up by her arm then.

Zoe’s head was already spinning from all the alcohol, and Jay only left her even more dizzy.

She allowed Jay to lead her out of their private room while Bob and Cora were still there.

The man was still complaining about not wanting to leave, having not drunk enough.

This was the first time Cora saw him behave like this too- he was playful, but never this playful.

She could not make him budge at all.

“Wake up, Bob. We should leave already-the others are all gone,” Cora told him.

Bob blinked, his gaze completely unfocused.

“Zoe’s gone?” he asked, his breath heavy with alcohol.

Cora was annoyed-why did he have to keep mentioning her?

Did he really not understand that she did not like Zoe that much?

“Let’s go.”

“Did she leave with Jay?” Bob murmured, and there was something in his tone that sounded hurt.

“Why do you keep trying to help Zoe hook up with my uncle? You’re my boyfriend, Bob-you should be
siding with me.” Cora finally could not resist venting her displeasure.

Moreover, Bob was drunk, and he might not remember what she said when he woke up.

And she really could not keep everything in right now.

Because they love each other.” Bob laughed.

Though he was laughing, his tears were falling from his eyes too.

Yes, they loved each other.

And what did he amount to?

“How would you know… Wait, are you crying, Bob?” Cora asked, suddenly noticing those tears.

Bob quickly wiped his eyes, and they really were wet.

It’s been years, but he was still crying for Zoe.

That cruel woman…

“What’s wrong? Does it hurt anywhere?” Cora asked worriedly-how much did he really drink that he
was starting to cry?

“Here,” Bob replied, pointing at his chest.

“Your heart? Are you having a heart attack?!”

Cora quickly fumbled for her phone to call an ambulance…

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