A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 810

“That won’t do,’ Bob said. “Ending as soon as we got started? We’re going elsewhere. That, or I’m
telling the waiters to bring us a second helping for everything we ordered. Either way, everyone’s
getting drunk before they leave.”


“That’s non-negotiable.” Bob was determined, and promptly booked a private room at a nightclub
without asking for anyone’s opinion. “Alright, let’s go—Phantom Nights, room 008.”

None of them had any choice but to follow him. Since they had been drinking, they split into two cars. 1

Bob pulled Jay and Zoe along to his car, knowing that Zoe might give them the slip; no one other than
him would be able to stop her.

As for Sam and Quinn, Sam was most definitely staying since he was always that straight-laced—he
agreed to join Bob and Jay in the first place, and therefore would stick with them until the end.

As for Quinn… Well, they’re married, and Sam was the one who decided if Quinn went or not.

To no surprise, Zoe had asked repeatedly to leave along the way, and Bob refused her sternly on each


Zoe was a little indignant-did the man presume her to be nervous unless she beat him at drinking

Meanwhile, in the other car, both Quinn and Sean were in the back seat, keeping quite the distance
between each other.

Sam was keeping a cigarette between his lips,toying with it without lighting it.

He reclined against his seat with both hands behind his head, staring out at the night view of the city
when he suddenly said, “Let’s get you home first.”

Quinn had been staring outside the window.

There was still no progress between her and Sam, even after they moved out of Saunders Mansion.

Sam wasn’t giving her any chance to get close, and treated her advances with indifference. It was also
why she couldn’t say the many things that were on her mind.

She heard him, and couldn’t help turning to stare at the back of his head and his indifferent demeanor.

“Are you going home too?”

“Bob would kill me if I didn’t.’

“Then I’m going too,” Quinn said, determined.

Sam frowned slightly, but Quinn added, “I don’t have to work tomorrow. I’m not in a hurry to go back

Sam pursed his lips and growled impatiently, “Suit yourself.”

Soon, their cars arrived at Phantom Nights.

Bob had just alighted when he saw Sam and Quinn getting out of their car too.

He was greatly satisfied. “Now that’s a brother!”

They entered the private room together. Since it was a nightclub, they were drinking even more-Zoe
being the worst offender.

She had been keeping it slow before since she was trying not to get drunk- it was bad for health, and
she needed to stay in shape for the variety show.

But since Bob was being so unscrupulous, she decided to send him home crawling on all fours.

She started drinking with Bob, who was all too thrilled and chugged three mugs alongside Zoe.

That seemed to be not enough, so he drank with the others, easily livening up the atmosphere.

Towards the end, Zoe was almost losing it.

Bob was already a worthy adversary, but Sam just had to join in on his side!

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