A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 809

“You call yourself fat?” Bob found it inconceivable, and grew exceedingly agitated. “Do you even have
fat on your body? It hurts to see you so skinny! Hell, I’d like to cut off my flab and give it to you.”

As Jay slowly returned to his seat, Zoe looked disgusted. “Please don’t. I won’t survive that.”

“Look, I’m telling you, Zoe,” Bob huffed. “I don’t know how things work in showbiz, but I can’t take it if
you have to become skin and bones just to stay in it.”

“You don’t have to take it,” Zoe retorted, speechless. “As long as the audience likes it.”

“What, I’m not a part of the audience?”

“An insignificant part of the audience.”

“I’ll be your No.1 fan, believe it!”

“Thank you, but you should stick to being Cora Levine’s No.1 fan. I don’t need the trouble,” Zoe said

Such was the influence of alcohol—she was much more candid now.

At that, Bob’s expression changed a little.

Cora seemed to be a touchy subject around this table, and the mood around the table changed

“Cut the chatter and let’s drink,” Sam said, suddenly raising his glass to clear the awkwardness.

Bob quickly raised his glass, and they immediately ended the conversation on Cora.

However, Bob didn’t forget about Zoe calling herself fat, and told her after a couple glasses, “You don’t
have to slim down, Zoe.”

“I’m not planning to.”

“Didn’t you say you were fat?”

“But I never mentioned slimming down, either.”

“For real?”

“For real,” Zoe snorted, feeling that Bob was becoming a little troublesome after getting drunk.

“Well, others aside, it wont feel good touching you if you slimmed down,” Bob said bluntly.

Zoe was utterly speechless.

Why was he spouting that nonsense? All men are pigs!

To make things worse, Bob looked dead serious. “I’m not kidding. Your figure’s just right.”

Zoe wanted to hide in a hole at that instant.

Just right? Could he not put it in a way that causes more misunderstanding? They never did it before,

“How would you know?” Sam asked.

He had not idea what went on between Bob and Zoe, or why mentioning Cora made things so
awkward. All he knew was that things were complicated between Zoe and Cora, and it was within
reason that Zoe was a little upset about Cora.

But now, these two were talking in a way that left things so…ambiguous.

“I…” Bob stammered for a while under Sam’s judgmental gaze before answering, “I guessed?”

“You guessed? How many women have you laid your hands on?” Sam snorted. “I can’t even begin to
guess, even after going through as many women as I did.”

As many women as he did.

Quinn bit her lip, but stayed silent.

“Jay, could you guess?” Sam seemed unconcerned with what he just said and nudged Jay, who had
been sitting quietly beside him for a while.

Jay looked at Zoe, and said slowly, ’More or less.”

“Do you boys have X-ray vision or something?” Sam exclaimed, losing composure. Then, a scary
thought soon occurred to him. “Don’t tell me, you two messed with her before?’

Zoe was drinking some hot soup to ease her stomach’s discomfort, having drunk a little too much

Sam’s words left her spitting it straight out; everyone turned towards Zoe, watching as she was
rendered dumbstruck.

The scene spiraled out of control; she never expected to mess up this badly.

As the atmosphere turned a little stiff, Bob suddenly suggested, “How about a change of venue?”
“Actually, it’s pretty late. We should head home,” Zoe said, wiping her mouth.

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