A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 807

Though their eyes met for just a second, Zoe immediately turned away. Jay also quietly turned away.

To make herself appear calm, Zoe told Bob, “Don’t even joke about it.

You’re engaged.” 1

“That’s exactly why I’d joke about it,” Bob grinned, though there seemed to be a slight bitterness in it.

Even so, mentioning the engagement did make Zoe feel a little less awkward.

“Let’s drink,’ Sam suddenly said, raising his glass and clearly not keen on letting the mood be spoiled
just like that. “You’ve been nagging us to drink, but you’re not touching your glass when you arrive.”

Bob was being nice when he brought Zoe and Quinn as well.

Zoe picked up her glass of water, which Bob spotted immediately. He exclaimed in disbelief, “You’re
drinking water, Zoe?!”

The girl was an incorrigible alcoholic!

“I’ll pass since I still have a rehearsal tomorrow.” Zoe smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll drink as much water as
you would alcohol for the night. And pure water, at that.”

“Isn’t that a little weird?” Bob remained relentless. “Just drink a little, okay?”

“There’s no ‘a little’ when you’re involved,” she countered. “You’re not going to let me go unless I pass

Bob threw up his hands. “I’m not that good these days-l cant drink more than a few glasses before I
pass out. Honest!”

Zoe sincerely doubted that-Bob was a serial alcoholic, and she couldn’t begin to fathom how much his
alcohol tolerance improved over the years.

She regretted not refusing Bob’s offer to join them. She could’ve done it before, or even after Quinn
agreed to it.

How was she going to the rehearsal if she got drunk tonight?

She had slept the entire day at Jay’s lounge the day after she got drunk during a rehearsal, and
refused to have a repeat of that.

Quinn suddenly said, ’I’ll drink in Zoe’s stead.”

Everyone then turned towards her.

She never drank much; come to think of it, she never drank with them before.

So how was her alcoholic tolerance?

Zoe knew, even if Sam didn’t-Quinn could stand the alcohol for a while, but she would get drunk

Her hangovers were terrible, especially since it took her a long time to get sober.

On the other hand, once Zoe got drunk and went into slumber, she would have recovered by 80% once
she woke up.

“I didn’t think you’d be that sporting, Quinn,” Bob said in surprise. “You can stomach your alcohol, can’t

At the same time, Sam’s fingers clenched over his glass. However, he stayed quiet.

“She’s not as good a drinker as you are,” Zoe snapped impatiently at Bob, finally giving in. “You don’t
have to drink, Quinn. I’ll do it myself.”


“I was just bantering with Bob on purpose. That’s what it’s like for us drinkers-put on airs, and once
everyone’s more or less done, it’s time to go for the kill!” Zoe said, cutting Quinn short.

Zoe knew that Quinn felt guilty since she was the one who agreed to join the men.

They had been friends for years, and Zoe could definitely tell that Quinn was reluctant.

“Dream on, Zoe. Alright, everyone-cheers!” Bob exclaimed excitedly, and everyone raised their

“What’s wrong, Jay?” Bob called out, seeing that Jay wasn’t doing the same.

Jay quickly put away his phone and joined the toast, just as the dinner finally got under way.

Bob was really good at livening up the air, though there wasn’t much thinking needed. Since everyone
else would be sitting around awkwardly given their status and relationships, he just had to approach
them one after another, and goad them to drink one way or another.

Three hours passed in no time at all.

Zoe really couldn’t hold it in anymore—she would mess up tomorrow’s rehearsal if this went on!

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