A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 801

John then began to recount how he started dating Nana. “I happened to run into Nana at the time. She
was just about to get a heart transplant surgery with not much chance of success, around sixty to

Cordy’s fingers clenched on her wine glass-she hated it, but she also wanted to know his past.

“One of the care workers had wheeled me out on a stroll in the garden of the hospital. I looked like a
mummy, with my whole face bandaged. She must’ve found my appearance amusing, so she
approached me and asked what condition I had.”

“She spoke in Zidonian, and it gave me a sense of familiarity in contrast to my parents. Moreover, it’s
been a while since I just woke up from the accident. I basically never spoke to anyone… And yet, I
talked to her a lot that day, and we learned about our respective situations.” 1

“That was when she said she’d date me if she survives the surgery. I said yes.’

John glanced at Cordy as he said that, and saw her calmly sipping her red wine, looking almost

It made sense—it was the past, and she was rational enough to not get petty.

Since it was of no concern, he continued, “Actually, I never felt any sort of attraction towards her at the
time. We were just mostly licking each other’s wounds under desperate circumstances. I stayed with
her until she was wheeled into surgery, and the surgery was a success—the doctors said she could
even live like a normal person.’

“And with that, we started dating. She stayed at the hospital with me for another six months, even
though she could’ve been discharged much earlier.”

“When the bandages came off my face and revealed my hideousness, even I hated myself-but she
didn’t. I admit, she touched my heart at the time. And so, feelings began to bud right then.”

“To be honest, before I met you, I always thought I loved Nana. The reason we decided to date each
other in the first place was whimsical, sure, but I never felt repulsed towards her after years of being
with her. In fact, I wanted to care for her. But after I met you… I realized that attraction isn’t soft and
warm, nor was it a responsibility. You literally go crazy in love.’

Cordy kept sipping on her wind, though her heart rate was accelerating.

“Let me put it to you this way: I was hostile to you because I couldn’t accept how I was drawn to you.
While I dated Nana, I met my fair share of women eager to have me. Some even went as far as going
naked. I never felt a thing towards them, and I was actually disgusted by them. That’s why I just don’t
get why I couldn’t help falling for you. You’re not the most beautiful—”

Cordy looked up at him, and he promptly corrected himself. “Err, I mean, you’re very beautiful, but
you’re the type with hidden depths and are devastatingly attractive.”

At that, Cordy looked away and kept sipping her wine.

With that, John continued, ‘I never considered myself shallow, and I’m used to beautiful people since I
was constantly in contact with them. Even so, your appearance left me entranced. I was afraid to see
you again, because things might escalate to a point beyond no return. That’s why I was so hostile
around you, so that you’d be keen to keep your distance.”

“And yet, it’s as if you’ve latched onto me. You always showed up exactly when I didn’t want to see you.
And the more I see you, the more I fall for you…’

John trailed off for a moment, as if he was crumbling inside. “I think I’d really die by your hands in this
life, Cordy.”

“Never say die,” Cordy said sternly.

John did a double take, before smiling broadly. “You’re worried that I’d die?”

“I’d be worried if anyone dies.”

“Don’t worry-l’m born lucky, so I’m not going to die. My parents told me how miraculous it was for me to
survive that car crash…” John trailed off again-he was proud of that for a second, but cut himself short
when he noticed the scowl on Cordy’s face.

He even promised tamely, “I swear that I’ll outlive you.”

Cordy scowled even harder-was he insinuating that she would die earlier?

John quickly came to a realization and corrected himself. ’I mean, I’ll definitely take good care of my
body. I’ll stay in top form and take care of you for the rest of our lives.”

Cordy’s lips curled up into an obvious smile.

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