A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 796

Lucas was absolutely livid. “You better explain yourself, Cordy! Why the hell did you take my hair-“

He looked up, only to find that Cordy was already gone.


Lucas could blow up from sheer rage-she left right after she was done flirting? Where was her sense of

He rushed straight into the bathroom, dousing himself with cold water to cool off.

On the other hand, Cordy wasn’t actually as calm as she appeared as she left Lucas’s room.

In fact, she was worried she would lose control.

Now, the priority was to confirm Lucas’s identity with no uncertainty.

Dicky’s parental test failed before, but the boy claimed that the sample was the issue.

She didn’t think much of it at the time, and was convinced that he was just being obsessed.

But at this very moment, she believed Dicky completely.

She returned to her hotel room to find Dicky on the couch, watching TV.

He beamed when he saw her return. ‘ Welcome back, Mommy.”

Cordy stared at him, her fingers clenching on the strand of hair and asked,” Dicky, do you really think
that Lucas is your daddy?”

“Of course! You finally believed it now, Mommy?” Dicky asked, beaming with excitement.

“I have a strand of his hair here. I want yours too for a parental test.”

“You don’t have to do it, I already…” Dicky suddenly trailed off.

He knows his mommy might not actually believe him, but she would have to if she did it herself.

As such, he promptly corrected himself. “Okay.”

While he spoke, he quickly pulled out a strand of his hair, worried that Cordy would change her mind.

Cordy took his hair and inhaled deeply before calling Sean. “Sorry, I know you’re busy, but I need a

“Tell me.”

“I need a parental test.”

“A parental test?” Sean sounded very much surprised. “You’re not suspecting that Dicky isn’t your son,
are you? I mean, there’s not much resemblance, but…”

Still, Sean stopped himself when he noticed Cordy’s mood. He quickly told her, “I’m coming to your
hotel in half an hour.”

“Thank you.”

Cordy’s heart raced as she hung up.

In under half an hour, Sean arrived.

Cordy wasn’t planning to bring Dicky along, and brought him to Lucas’s room.

He was surprised, even looking reluctant. “Don’t think I’d babysit for you just because I’m into you. I
have my principles too…”

“Okay. Let’s go, Dicky,” Cordy said, and started to lead Dicky away without another word.

“Hold on, I wasn’t finished!” Lucas said, quickly catching Dicky’s wrist. “I mean, you really should come
back sooner. Children need to sleep early.”

Cordy grinned at him, leaving him blushing.

He had this feeling this was just the start—that Cordy had already sunk her claws into him.

Dicky, who was next to them, was grinning too.

His daddy really was as stubborn as he was weak-the man didn’t even last a second!

Later, Cordy got into Sean’s car with a somber look.

Sensing her foul mood, Sean quickly said, “Look, I was just kidding. Dicky does resemble you.”

“How?” Cordy asked, keen on relaxing her mood as well.

“When you get angry.”

Cordy was speechless, and Sean chuckled. “That said, why a parental test out of the blue? Could’ve
done it earlier-l mean, did you buy it just

because John told you he’s your son?”

However, Cordy knew all too well whether Dicky was her son, and didn’t need anything to prove it.

What she needed to confirm was whether she had just found John again.

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