A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 799

Cordy wiped her tears subtly and worked hard to repress her emotions, and asked, “You haven’t eaten

“Have you?” John asked in return.

She shook her head.

“Then what are you spacing out for? I’ve already booked a place at the restaurant. Come on,” he said,
and reached out to pull her up to her feet.

Gordy’s fingers twitched, her heart aflutter. John urging her to have dinner soon was just a nonchalant
gesture on his part, and yet…

The instant he touched her hand, she seemed to flinch, which left John with an indescribable emotion.

He couldn’t even describe what he was feeling.

Damn it! He was never this sharp towards her before, but now, every move and every gaze she had left
his heart pounding uncontrollably.

However, he didn’t let go of her, and actually held on tighter.

Cordy didn’t turn him down either, and the trio left the room.

Dicky was so happy, he could hardly hide his delight from his little face- his parents were finally getting
back together, and their family was now reunited!

As the trio sat on the dining table, John made the orders before finally letting go of Gordy’s hand.

All she felt was her palm burning, as if the heat from John’s entire body would incinerate her.

One could tell upon a closer look that his ears were read, though he kept acting nonchalant about it.

His personality had certainly changed drastically-perhaps because he had been living in a different
environment for three years, or perhaps that was how he actually was when he wasn’t around Cordy,
as Dicky had mentioned.

However, there were plenty of minute details that made it obvious that he was John.

Cordy kept staring at him, just like that.

She didn’t even notice that she was, and was looking intently at him as if it was only natural.

John was left blushing from her stare, growing restless from head to toe.

Raising a brow, he said, ’I know I’m handsome, but you’re staring at me so obviously, it’s like you want
to devour me.”

He appeared nonchalant, but it was obviously to hide his panic.

No one could resist Cordy when she had that innocent maiden look-even a man with a strong restraint
like himself wanted to go wild right then and there.

Cordy came to her senses right then, and blushed scarlet.

Dicky was chuckling softly beside them-so his parents could get uncomfortable.

“I’m going to the washroom,” Cordy said, and she quickly left her seat.

John watched as she left, realizing he had truly been bewitched-he was reluctant to see her go, even if
it was just for a few minutes.

He had a feeling that he didn’t want to part with her, not even for a single second.

She was incredibly captivating.

Still, he forced himself to calm down; if he didn’t, he would need a cardiologist soon given how fast his
heart was pumping, especially with the irregular rhythm of his heart rate.

It took Cordy a while to return; she had left to calm herself, too.

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